4 Challenges Airline Industry is Facing Today

The aviation industry is playing an important role in fueling the growth of global economy. It is not only creating millions of jobs all across the world but is also a key player in annual economic activity. There are multiple benefits of aviation – it brings people together and helps them to meet and share ideas. Aviation has enabled humans to be anywhere in the world in just 24 hours. With this, aviation has confined a wonderfully big planet into a small world with enormous opportunities.

However, with the advancement and growth of aviation industry, there also come challenges. Let us get to know about them.


Earlier, flying wasn’t safe the way it is now. It was a risky business. At present, it is safe to fly on a jet aircraft, and the chances of any major accident are very low. Still, accidents do happen and every year we suffer major tragedies regarding plane crashes. How can we forget the recent plane crash that took place on 11th April, killing 257 people when a military plane crashed near the Algerian capital, Algiers!

Many factors must be paid attention to for increasing the safety of aircraft’s, like tracking system. Of course, the responsibility of improving information to prevent such tragedies stays with governments. There should be some way to fill the gap in a global aviation system. In addition, there is also a need to look broadly and develop and international protocol to manage the designs and manufacture of weapons with anti-aircraft abilities.

Here, it is important to mention unmanned craft system which questions the safety of aviation industry to the next level. No wonder why, UAS business solutions have become more popular than ever. Though there is excitement surrounding the potential uses of drone aircraft, safety should be a priority. In addition, it also involves security and privacy issues. Any drone aircraft poses potential hazard when it comes to new functionality.


The fuel cost has gone almost double in the past 10 years. And airline usage may affect the GDP of a country. Competitiveness is one of the most important problems faced by aviation industry in perhaps every country of the world. Alliances are vital for the growth of airlines be it rail links or airlines. There are many examples from the past where two airlines companies have benefited by merging and integrated operations.


Fuel prices are one of the biggest concerns faced by aviation industry in the modern world. The high cost of fuel prices have made airline companies impose fuel surcharges on customers. With this, many airlines have observed an effect on their bottom lines. There is an obvious connection between airline stock and crude oil price. Singapore Airlines has already declared the cost of fuel as its major challenge. Many non-governments owned airlines have many other issues to tackle, but high fuel cost always tops the list. Matters become worse when economies suffer recession. In fact, aviation industry suffered a lot during economic recession in 2010.

Experience of passengers

The aviation industry is deeply responsible and committed towards the safety of the passenger. However, the safety is often taken for granted, and the industry makes plenty of efforts to make the flight of passengers, hassle-free, smooth and convenient. The experience of travel through flights has improved drastically over the years. Now the airlines offer a range of choices from absolute luxury to basic seat. There has been an obvious pressure on airline industry to meet the passenger expectation.

These are some of the challenges faced by aviation industry in the world. In this technology-driven world, we hope that we will overcome all of them in the upcoming time.

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