4 Features to Look at While Buying A Sleeping Bag

teton sports sleeping bag

So, you are out camping but have considered packing sleeping bags? Are you planning to buy one (like Teton sports sleeping bag)? You will have to keep many things in mind when you are buying one:

1. Temperature Rating

The temperature rating of the sleeping bag gives the minimum temperature at which the bag is going to remain effective. If you find that the sleeping bag is rated as ‘0-degree F’, it means that it will protect you until the temperature remains zero-degree Fahrenheit.      If the temperature further goes down, then the bag becomes ineffective. It is better to get a bag that is rated slightly lower than what you expect. Further, the three seasons bag is desirable and can be used in rugged conditions.

2. Bag Shape

When you want to buy one, it is crucial that you know how a sleeping bag works. A sleeping bag keeps you warm by warming the layer of air surrounding the body. When you are inside the sleeping bag, this air column warms and forms a barrier between you and the atmosphere outside. When this space is less, it warms you up quickly.

Rectangular camping bags are the most common, and they are meant for comfort and more room. You can use the zippers to join the two bags together. Then there are semi-rectangular bags that can be used for camping and backpacking as well. It is their tapered design which offers greater warmth, but still, they offer sufficient room for a comfortable sleep. Then there are mummy bags which have a narrow shoulder and hip width to increase the warmth and reduce the weight. But not everyone is comfortable using these bags. Double-wide, as the name suggests, is meant to sleep comfortably, two people. You can combine them with an air mattress.

3. Insulation Type

Two variants are available synthetic insulation and down insulation. But the strong overall performance and friendly prices make synthetic insulation a preferred choice. It is made of polyester which makes it quick-drying and insulates even while it is wet. Coming at a lower price tag, it is durable and doesn’t cause any allergies.  You can find goose-down insulation is some camping bags as it is more durable and can be compressed easily as compared to synthetic fill. But you have to shell out some more bucks for it.

4. Size and Zippers

Before you buy a bag, you will have to check the length and breadth in feet. The bag should be equipped with zippers at the left, right and bottom. It will allow you to separate the top and bottom completely. Then the lining should be good to give you a luxurious feel. The bag should be stain-resistant and should be good for rugged use.

In the End

If Teton sports sleeping bags are the best in the market, it is because they do well in all the key features.

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