4 major ways to greatly improve your SEO in 2018

We as humans keep on setting new and better goals for ourselves, like being more active in our daily life, being more social or even reach a specific goal in your career. People always want to improve themselves to reach greater heights.

In today’s time what most people don’t think about is their business website. You need to set some goals for your website as well to gain more business and popularity, to rank higher on SERPs. Better website SEO is the best goal you can set in 2018.

Now the question arises that how do you make goals for your website’s SEO? Reaching the top of the SERPs is something that everyone wants to do, but you need to know how to get there. If your SEO is stalling, then you need a change of plans.

Many different ways can help you uplift your SEO, as every industry is different and each competitive set is different, you need to see which is the best option for your particular situation. You will need to work hard to find your best formula for success, and the following tips will definitely help you get there.

Test your SEO

If you want to improve something, the first thing you need to do is to measure it. You need to know what changes had the most favourable outcomes and what didn’t. Most people know how to change SEO aspects on their websites, but a typical mistake on their part can be to change several things at once. By doing this, you will never know which change resulted in better SERPs ranks. So, before diving head first to change everything about your website’s SEO consider what you change and wait for the results to show.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to measure your SEO changes, here are some methods that can improve your websites SEO. Try and see which one or multiple fits your needs.

Switch to an Accelerated Mobile Page for your website

Google and Twitter came up with the accelerated mobile page project a few years back. The page is very lightweight and fast to load as it is coded in essentially HTML. It has considerably fewer tags, streamlined CSS, standardised JavaScript in addition to the heavy caches on visitors computers. By implementing an AMP page, you easily satisfy a few of Google’s search algorithm criteria

  • UX friendly
  • Fast loading times
  • Streamlined code
  • Mobile first

So create an AMP page for your website and run it alongside your original page and see which fairs better than invest in that path.

Content overhaul

Updating the old content on your website can be a quick and easy way to give a little boost to your rankings. Update your older pieces of content, check the internal and external links and change the published date. This is an instrumental technique as Google likes content that is both relevant and recent, and when you update your website’s content, Google sees it as recent. This way you will start seeing new traffic on the same older but revamped pieces.

Social media presence

In recent years social media marketing has grown very quickly, and today it is the most significant platform to market your products and build a company name. The number of users on social media is increasing at a massive rate each day. You can use this to your own advantage and engage with the new audience every day. It can also help your SEO in many cases.

The more consistent you are on these social media sites and create a social signal for your website, the higher your rankings can climb to. Google assess a company’s activity by an activity on the social media platforms also. Post on your social media accounts more regularly, and you will definitely see a change in your rankings within no time.

Change the Meta and Title Tags

The title and meta tags that you use on your pages are there to entice the readers to click on your page in the SERP. So, these need to be given a lot of thought and written in a very compelling manner to get the most clicks, to increase your SEO ranking.

The easiest way to accomplish this to look at your older content to see which one of them had the most organic traffic. Now try to recreate the way that those titles and meta tags were written and apply them to your new content.

Improving your SEO ranking is not an easy task and can take a lot of time. If you invest the proper time into improving the website, you have the chance to improve the rankings significantly. Patience is the key as sometimes it can take a little time to show the results of your hard work and you need to keep working on it and not give up. Once you start going up in the rankings, you will get a lot more organic traffic, and your sales will go up too.

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