The 4 Things to Look For From Your Web Development Company

If you’re looking for the right web development company in Australia, how do you know you’ve picked the right one? There are countless developers across the country and choosing which one to work with can be challenging. If you’re going to choose, you should consider four things before making your mind up.

Are They Experienced?

It may seem like an obvious one, but so many businesses can be lured in by the idea of utilising a start-up development company. Whether it’s through closer relationships, lower costs, or simply trying to help out the little guy, organisations make decisions like these all the time. However, depending on your situation, this is rarely a good idea.

The number of new web development companies launching in Australia on a year-to-year basis is astronomical, and a huge number of them fail in the first year. For web developers, time in the market is critical to determine the quality of their work. By finding out how long they’ve been in operation for, how many clients they’ve assisted over that time, and the number of staff they have can be critical in helping you make your decision.

What Support Will You Get?

Running a business is an all-encompassing undertaking, and while web development might seem like a single facet of your business, it can actually have quite far-reaching responsibilities and requirements. Beyond simply setting up the website, you may need assistance with email platforms, hosting servers, content management systems and even e-commerce setups.

Web developers who assist with the task of setting up your website need to be able to help with all the above as well. If not, you run the risk of having a half-completed web presence, potentially hamstringing your business before you’ve even begun. Discuss with developers their range of skills and experience with all aspects of your digital presence before rushing into any decisions.

What Other Services Do They Provide?

With the increasing variability regarding what business can do online, it’s worthwhile considering a web development company that can assist with more than development. Frequently, you’ll find that these companies also have marketing teams that can help with things like paid campaigns, search engine optimisation and even social media marketing.

The key benefit of including all these elements together is that the horizontal coordination between all these streams can deliver far greater results than otherwise. If you engage in digital marketing with another company, they may require you to go back to your development team to make changes, potentially costing you more. Keeping everything in-house allows for these types of interactions without falling prey to exorbitant costs.

Where Are Their Development Teams?

The benefits of a local development team are numerously advantageous to your business. There is nothing worse than working in someone else’s timezone, with difficulty of communication through both language-based issues and technological impediments. It can dramatically reduce the results of the work being completed, regardless of the cost-savings you might gain from it.

A local web development company in Melbourne understands the technological landscape of Australia, including current trends, attitudes and languages being used. Furthermore, the communication between the two parties is at its strongest when everyone is close and readily contactable, no matter the time.

Know What You Get From Your Web Development Company

Working with a developer is critical for long-term digital success. The right website is built correctly and appropriately for your business, not just for two years of use, but for much longer.

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