4 Tips for Picking up the Right Contact Center for Your Business

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At present, businesses are going an extra mile to offer excellent customer service and outsourcing their customer service to the third-party contact centre is one of the best ways to do the same. Are you also planning to sign up for contact center service? If yes, it is a wise step. But you should be careful that when you hire someone else to handle your customer service and support, you have considered the following points.


Be sure about your needs

Before you start searching for a contact center, determine the kind of support you need. For example, do you need 24-hour services, email answered, online chat representative, call routing, call reports and recording, real-time call statistics or all of them. Your need would also vary with the type of industry. For instance, if you are looking for a contact center solution for your sales team, your primary goal would reach a large number of leads and prospects, manage call productivity and execute sales most efficiently. In such case, you should look for a contact center that offers an automated outbound dialer feature, live call statistics, caller reports, agent reports, and call recordings to enhance the efficiency of your sales team.


Get references

Referrals are one of the trustworthy ways to gather information and feedback about a contact center. Once you have picked up a few contact centers for consideration, you can speak with their current clients and ask them about how their collaboration is working and would they like to recommend them to other businesses. By this, you would get the most authentic review of a contact center and their solutions. You can also ask them how contact center solutions help them to optimize their customer support.


Ensure they offer the best features

Advanced tools and features are the backbone of a contact center and plays a prominent role in their operations. A contact center cannot handle your customer service efficiently until it is laced with the right tools. You can look for the following features:


Blended Calling

Allows agents to not only answer customer calls but also call back for service, sales, follow-ups, etc.

Custom IVR

Handle your customer calls smartly by giving them an option to reach right department/agent

Call Reports & Recording

Analyze Calls & Agent Reports along with complete recordings of all the calls in order to improve your customer service

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Monitor and mentor your agents in real-time using spy & whisper mode

Real-Time Call Statistics

Manage your agents’ queues in real-time knowing the call flow and agent availability

Telephony APIs

Increase your agent’s efficiency by avoiding them to shuffle between CRM and telephony

Agent Dashboard with Live Caller Info

Provide the fastest, personalized and most efficient service


Offer customized solutions

The need of one industry differs from other, and so does the contact center solutions. So, you can also look for solutions according to the type of industry you run your business. For example, if you need a cloud contact center solution for education institutions, you might be looking for a solution that can meet your entire student and educator telephone needs in the most efficient way. In such a case, you need a contact center that can offer you all telephone API’s and web hooks that can integrate well with other software to provide an ease to work to the agents and also have a single point for all data collection and analysis.

Choosing the right contact center partners is the way to escalate the customer service of your company in multiple ways.   So, make sure that you go through all of the above points for choosing the right contact center.

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