4 Effective Tips to Personalize Gift Items This Christmas with Inkjet Decal Paper

Inkjet Decal Paper

When the most-awaited festive season is knocking at the door, you are surely thinking how you can celebrate this time with your loved ones, right? Well, what can be the best way to celebrate Christmas and usher the New Year with new possibilities than gifting your loved ones and showing how much you care? Gifting is a cherished gesture that has been popular since ages. Across every culture, people express their love for others by gifting them many wonderful presents. So, when Christmas celebration is just a few days away, you must think of the gifts that you need to prepare for your loved ones. Here is an idea for you. Don’t depend on the gifts that are available in the market. There are already hundreds of such pieces available and they have no personal touch attached to them. Rather, you can think of gifting them some beautiful personalised items this Christmas.

From illuminating every corner of your home with candles to framing the photos that they will cherish forever, there are many things that you can surprise your friends and family with. But now more than the items, you must be thinking about the personalising process, right? If yes, then here is an ideal option for you. You can print a design, photograph or quote on a gift like a candle, ceramic or glass. How to do it? Using inkjet decal paper to print the design is the best way for you. Getting the design printed with the decal papers perfectly can be a bit tricky. To make this process easier for you, here we have explained a few tips that will surely help you. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Colour Match

It is necessary to create a prominent print to get the colours right. CMYK is the most widely used option for printing the designs. It is budget friendly for printing at home. Through this process, you need to layer the colour ink in dots until the desired colour comes out on the page. There are surely more options but they come along with a high price tag too. Hence, it is better if you choose the one that can be affordable to you for serving the purpose.

Choosing the Right Colours

If you want the colours to translate properly on the print, then don’t choose lighter colour values. With CMYK, they don’t translate prominently. While printing the design, you must think about the base too. If the base colour of the candle or ceramic is dark, then the print on it won’t be clearly visible. Hence, it is better if you are doing it on a light coloured background. White or neutral shades will be perfect for the base and make the design prominent.

Breaking Up Big Areas

While printing, try to avoid printing big solid areas. Since you will be printing at home, you don’t have the necessary equipment or machines that can make the print clear and prominent. If you are choosing solid designs, it can make the printing process messier, especially on a smaller surface. Hence, opt for a script or simple and sleek designs to print on the gifts.

Follow Tutorial

There are numerous tutorials available on the internet. If you are wondering how you will be able to get it perfect, then visit any reliable website or YouTube. There are numerous videos on the internet that can easily give you the basic guidelines. And with more practice, you will improve in personalising the gifts.

So, now as you know about these four tips, don’t waste time anymore. Start preparing your gifts today. Surprise your kids, parents, siblings, and spouse with your creativity and make their Christmas special with your love.

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