5 Best Apps to Increase Productivity


“Productivity is less about what you do with your time. And more about how you run your mind.” -Robin S. Sharma

In this digital age wherein our smartphones have become powerful devices, it would be no surprise to find individuals dependent on them. After all, the prowess of these new mobile devices extends beyond calling and receiving calls or writing and sending messages. Nowadays, the mobile phone has ingeniously integrated apps that range from games to pass the time to productivity app that makes our day to day routines a bit more manageable. In effect, the mere addition of these apps onto your mobile phones will make you more productive and stress-free. However, not all mobile apps are created equally—there are some that would prove to be useful but would require payment (but are nonetheless worth it), while there are those you need not bother downloading.

To help you determine which apps are ideal additions to your smartphone, take a gander at this list of the top productivity apps you should have on your phone.

Here are the 5 Apps to Increase your Productivity:

1.) Dropbox Paper

Dropbox is an excellent mobile app for individuals who deal with huge volumes of documents every day. Recently, Dropbox has collaborated with Dropbox Paper which takes the original mobile app further. Much like Dropbox, Dropbox Paper allows you to create a document and send a link to your team. However, this time, it has been giving various editing options. Apart from allowing your team to edit the document, you can highlight a word and have the option to ask a question pop up or comment on it. Additionally, you can also choose to directly send a comment to someone who is also working on the project. A pretty straightforward and nifty app for people who frequently collaborate in teams.

2.) Momentum App

If you are having trouble focusing on one task, the Momentum App is the perfect addition to your desktop. It aids you in focusing on a single task by greeting you and asking you what your primary focus is. To ensure you do not get sidetracked, every single time you open up a new tab, the apps sends you a prompt to remind you to stay on track by replacing the browser tab that is there by default. While this app is available for desktop users only, it bears recognition as a lot of us would tend to get distracted when we are working on the PC.

3.) Pocket

Considering that the Internet is replete with interesting and information-rich articles and pages, it can be easy to forget a page we have wanted to save and read for later in the midst of our browsing. To address this dilemma, download the Pocket mobile app which allows you to quickly send that article to any device you have and read it later. The app compiles and sends the article to an archive you can read on any device you have with just one click.

4.) Wunderlist

Perpetually busy individuals would have a day to day to-do list they live and swear by to get them through the day. With the advent of mobile apps, there have been several renditions of modern, jazzed-up and upgraded to-do lists that consolidate all the functions of a yearly planner. Of all the to-do list apps in existence, Wunderlist should be your premier choice. Not only is it easy to use, but it allows you to set reminders, due dates and share your lists and have conversations about them. You can organize everything in Wunderlist from the movies you want to see, the getaway you have been planning down to the grocery items you need to buy and several more.

5.) Letterspace

If you have ever needed to take notes during a conference or presentation, you should have a note taking app. Letterspace is a note-taking app that through the utilization of hashtags, would allow you to arrange and organize your thoughts. Furthermore, it has integrated a handy swipe bar that allows you to move your on-screen cursor without moving your hands from the keyboard. As a result, this note-taking app is ideal not only for taking notes but for editing them as well.

If you have a big meeting, project or conference coming up, impress your teammates and superiors with enhanced productivity skills through the aid of these apps.   

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