5 Common Electrical Problems you get in Most Homes

Never attempt to install electrical outlets by yourself. Experts have quality tools like linesman pliers which are your safest option.

The walls, floors and ceilings of most homes are full of electrical systems – from sockets and wiring to appliances and networks. Modern electric dependency demands that you know potential problems before they occur. So, what should you watch out for and what should be your response when any issues arise? You need to hire an electrician who has tools like linesman pliers for most electrical work.

All lights go off when one goes on;

The circuit breaker is a fantastic safety feature. It was designed to ensure that your home is not overloaded with electricity. It does this by cutting the power whenever there is a surge of too much power passing through it. Sadly for most old homes, they were not designed to simultaneously power several appliances. This ends in one light tripping the breaker. The immediate solution is going to your breaker and un-tripping it.

Flickering lights;

Do not worry too much if your lights are flickering. You house is not being haunted as some people interpret this. This is probably due to an issue with the grid and, it likely affects your whole neighborhood. It could be faulty fixtures or wiring, a downed electric line. If it is windy outdoors, then it is a sign that it is a downed line. It could be that you need to just change a bulb. If it is beyond this, then call in an expert. He will bring special tools like the best screw extractor and several others to diagnose the problem.

Progressively rising electric bill;

Sometimes the use of appliances like heaters, the need of using more lighting during shorter days and increased use of the dryer are the main reasons for spikes in your electrical bills. However, something might be wrong if your bill keeps rising without any clear rise in power usage. Calling a qualified electrician is the best thing to do in this situation. The expert will be able to ascertain what exactly the problem is. It could be something as simple as one new appliance sapping up the energy or it could be a serious issue which must be urgently fixed. Alternatively, may be it could because you just happen to have missed the notification for a rise in rates. Just check with your electricity supplier in that case.

A warm socket;

If any electrical receptacle in your home is giving off heat, you should immediately stop using it. With the exception of dimmer switches which become a bit warm depending on the type of bulb you are using, no light switch or power socket should ever generate any degree of warmth. Check all switches and sockets in all rooms and stop using them immediately if they are warm. This particular challenge could result in grave damage to your home. It could even end in a house fire.

Never attempt to install outlets by yourself. Experts have quality tools like linesman pliers for doing several things with wires. They are your safest option.

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