5 Common Reasons That Cause Failure Of Mobile Applications

5 Common Reasons That Cause Failure Of Mobile Applications

App development is a challenging domain, primarily because of the huge competition in the App Store. There are hundreds of similar apps vying for user attention and standing apart in the crowd is a massive challenge. The answer lies in catering an application that excels on all fronts. Typically, an app’s success is assessed on the basis of KPIs such as the number of downloads, usage statistics, the percentage of target customers, and app monetization. Ensuring the fulfillment of all these criteria is easier said than done. The biggest concern for app development companies is that there is a risk of failure despite the best efforts invested in creating and marketing a mobile application. The competition cannot be blamed every time as there could be other pain points or issues responsible. Therefore, it becomes important to delve deeper into the possible reasons for the failure of your business app.

1. Lack of market and audience research
Every app development project starts with intensive research of the market, competitors, and audience. This is one aspect that you should not ignore at any cost. After all, success largely depends on the app’s ability to beat its competitors. Research encompasses defining the audience, ideating the features that would be desirable for them, finding the current market trends, and seeing the competitor’s strategy. Aspects such as user expectations and pain points are also to be considered as a part of the research process. Not doing a fair amount of research can be detrimental to the success of your business application.

2. Absence of originality
Oversaturation of the App Store is another big pain point for business apps. Those who are not able to cater anything unique are bound to lose in the race. Every single one has hundreds to beat so that the user chooses it over the others. It is good to check out the rivals and the features they offer but that should end here. An experienced mobile app development company in delhi or elsewhere would value originality in the app solution, whether it is about the look or the experience it delivers. Having a unique value proposition (UVP) is essential to gain success and user loyalty.

3. Poor user experience
The most important parameter of an app’s success is the user experience it delivers as it is impossible to retain the user after he faces even a minor glitch. He will definitely delete your application and move over to a better alternative. A poor user experience is characterized by issues such as slow loading, performance glitches, and a cumbersome registration process. An absence of core functionalities also results in poor usability, which has a negative impact on the users and causes failure. Not testing the app properly is another reason that it may fail to get you the desired results.

4. Ignoring important platforms
Android and iOS are the most widely used mobile platforms today. Failing to be present on either of these can be another reason for not making an impact with your business application. Here again, extensive audience research can give you the right idea about the user base if you are planning to start with either of the platforms first and later move on to the other one. For instance, if the majority of your potential customers are Android users, you can hire Android app developers first to cover this particular platform. Another good idea is to go cross-platform for a greater coverage.

5. A poorly executed launch
Failure of an app cannot always be attributed to developmental flaws. A poorly executed launch could also be a reason. Businesses are sometimes too keen to unveil their mobile presence and jump in without having a proper launch strategy. On the other hand, adopting a result-oriented pre-launch strategy is critical and so is optimizing the experience right from the start. The business needs to work on impressing the users and retaining them once the app is launched. Regular updates and improvements are equally important.

Now that you know all about the possible reasons of app failure, it becomes easier to take preventive measures. Joining hands with an expert application development partner is the best thing to do because they can ensure that all these pain points are well addressed. Look for a provider that extends a complete range of services, right from application development for all mobile platforms to marketing, maintenance, and support services.

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