5 Creative Hacks to Find Better Employees By Staffing Agencies In Washington DC

Recruitment is the lifeline of any organization. Good employees result in a thriving business. Your recruitment procedure decides whether you will find the right candidate who will deliver value to your organization or not.

Finding an employee by any temp agencies in Washington DC is not a herculean task, but finding an employee who is passionate about what she is doing is definitely too tough a nut to crack.

While your internal recruiters might just be doing the job well, you need some expert hacks to break the deal. Here are 5 hacks to find better employees:

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Hire a professional

This sound too obvious, but it’s a not a professional human resource manager I am talking about, but a professional staffing agency. Why do you need it? Because everyone must do the work that suits them best, and staffing agencies have enough tricks to dig out the best talent than any one man force will ever be able to do. There are myriad staffing agencies in Washington DC that are bringing the best people and the best companies together and have started employing avant-garde techniques of hiring rare talents. From judging soft skills to evaluating trustworthiness and consistency, these temp agencies in Washington have mastered the game.

The title matters

Creativity matters to you. So does it to the employee. Your future employee is looking to break the monotony and so should you. Tweak the title of your vacant designation to make it look interesting and something different. Have a look at these 21 Most Creative Job Titles.

Clear job description

Do not copy-paste your job description from previous vacancies or other firms’ vacancies. Create your own description with clear and transparent explanation of what the job entails. Try to make your job description funny and creative. It gives an indication to the candidate that her future boss is a fun-to-work-with person.

Leverage social media

Create an attractive graphic calling out people, and distribute it across your social channels. People who follow you might also be looking closely for opportunities to work with you. You can also take advantage of social media communities and groups to find people who are interested in working with your organization.

Take personality tests

It’s not just the skills of a person that matter to your organization; it’s the attitude and personality too. A real asset is an employee with a positive attitude and great personality that inspires and encourages your existing employees. Take a cue from these five personality tests that hiring managers are using.


Hiring employees that turn out be investments is tricky. Trust the professionals for the work and do your homework well like staffing firms in Washington . Your title and job description matters. Use social media to hire talented individuals who are interested in your business, and take help of personality tests to determine the right attitude and personality.

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