5 Crucial Details to Provide Your Florist When Buying Flowers for Someone

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Unusual and impressive flower arrangements have long been a great gift option for loved ones. Whatever the occasion may be – a birthday, anniversary, graduation, a job promotion, the birth of a baby, even the death of someone – a bouquet of blooms is always deemed an appropriate present.

Through the years, florists have flourished in developing the art of the arrangement. Bouquets are no longer just composed of colorful blooms and leaves; they now contain more elements so that recipients can get more joy out of them. Innovative flower stylists are also going so bold and courageous with new concepts that some flower arrangements are much like museum pieces – intricate sculptures and elaborate installations that people from all over travel far and wide to see.

Likewise, they have developed methods for better preservation. The world’s most renowned floral artists no longer just stick freshly sourced flowers into a huge basin of water. Since flowers that have been cut or plucked from their plant are essentially dying, it’s imperative to awaken their survival instinct so that they look their best for a long time. Technical florists these days use alunite, a mineral with high salt concentration, as well as a small hammer and blowtorch for preservation. These preparation essentials make the flowers drink up more water to stay alive so people who buy them get their money’s full worth.

Those aren’t all, though; florists have fine-honed their process of catering to customers’ unique requirements. According to a world famous florist in South Yarra, it’s crucial to get as much information as possible from customers in order to create a flower arrangement that’s sure to earn “oohs” and “aahs.”

So, if you’re thinking of making flowers your go-to gifts for any occasion, do provide a lot of details to help your florist design the perfect bouquet, flower installation or display for you.

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5 Important Details to Provide Your Florist

1. The person to whom you’re giving the flowers.

Give as much information as you can about the recipient because there are flowers that are known to appeal to specific personalities and inclinations. Share what the person does, her job, and other unique qualities. Highly trained florists can use these bits of information in identifying the right flowers and other elements to put together for a flower arrangement that the recipient will absolutely appreciate.

2. The occasion and reason why you’re giving someone flowers.

Propriety is always a top consideration for florists; therefore, you need to inform them the reason why you’re ordering flowers. They know the symbolisms of flowers, so providing them such information will help them create not just a beautiful flower arrangement but a meaningful one as well.

3. Preferred colors, shape and size for the flower arrangement.

These are vital details for personal aesthetic reasons. Florists want to ensure your complete satisfaction with their creation.

4. The place where the flowers will be displayed (especially if the flowers will be part of a decorative installation for a venue).

Since floral arrangements are for beauty, they should be created in a way that will allow them to elevate the look of the place where they’ll be displayed. Florists can use the right proportions so the arrangement is just perfect for the space assigned to it.

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5. Preferred scents

You need to provide this information especially if the flowers are going to be used to achieve the right ambience for a room or event venue. This is also a special consideration if a lot of people will be exposed to the arrangement. Some may have a heightened sense of smell and find certain floral scents assaulting. Your florist should know your preferred scents.

Indeed, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Flowers are not eternal creations, but the loveliness they bring is definitely treasured in memories for a lifetime. So, when you order a bouquet or a flower arrangement, put great thought into them so florists can effectively use their extensive knowledge and cater to every requirement accurately.

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