5 Design Tips to Increase Your Business Website’s Conversion Rate

For quite a number of business owners, starting a website represents more of a necessary obligation than anything else. Because of this, the uncreative design makes their websites achieve exactly the opposite of its original intent.

If you want your visitors to come back, and if you want to increase the conversions, you need to approach your web design carefully. Luckily, we’ve gathered some great tips that can help you out with those conversion rates. Here are five of them.

Create Visual Identity

Having recognizable visual identity helps your business stand out in the seemingly endless sea of other small business websites. Some general tips are – define your goals before designing your website.

Specific audiences and specific goals of your website are defined through the type of work to do. With that in mind, aim for the right emotions you want your visitors to feel when they visit your site. Try to keep things simple and as user-friendly as possible, but try to compel the visitors to become leads by clear visual anchors

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

It has been few years since the number of website visits from mobile devices surpassed those from desktop computers. With that in mind, it’s no rocket science that your website needs to be mobile-friendly in order to stay visible and relevant.

The mobile-friendly design is quite minimalistic. It asks from designers to implement as little as possible, as clearly as possible, in order to keep most of the smaller display areas clear for original goals and website’s offers. Your site can be redone in a mobile friendly way, but it is always best to think about this from the beginning. Always make sure your images are resized properly, as they can cause most of the problems for the responsive mobile design.

Aim for the Content-First Design

The content on your website is what makes your customers visit. Always aim to create a content-first design.

A strong UX in responsive web development is always firstly based on the content. Content management systems provide an incredible overview of technical and design foundations of the website, and they help with the increase in conversion rates. With general branding, a strong visual identity based on strong and compelling specific content is what makes the difference when it comes to successful websites.

Create Enticing Call-to-Actions

Experts from Sydney’s small business web design company noted that one of the key factors for the good conversion rate lies in good CTAs.

With compelling Call-to-Actions you get amazing conversion rates – it’s as simple as that. Make sure your CTAs are not too tacky, but they should stand out. Make sure they are clear and in unison with the content on your website. Always do extensive tests and check the numbers thoroughly – you would be surprised how much even one word can affect your CTAs. Don’t overdo those CTAs because this may turn off your visitors.

Build Responsive Website

Adding reactive navigation patterns, simplifying your design and CTAs and adapting it all for responsive design is the proper way to approach web design in the modern market. The internet is crowded with websites, and there are lots of those that stand out and generate more income than others based solely on the good design and consistent content.

Navigation drawers, page jumps, auto switching to mobile versions of the site, these are just some of the countless ideas you can use to make your website responsive. This will most definitely help your conversion rates, and it may even help your revenue.


Getting high conversion rates is difficult, and it depends on a lot of different factors. Developing a good website that will stand out and achieve what you want can seem tricky, but hopefully, you will find some of these tips helpful in your quest for high conversion rates.

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