5 Different Types of Site Manager Training Courses

Construction is among the most dangerous and unsafe industries to work in. Even a very small negligence can lead to severe accident, causing deaths. The accident usually happens to due to poorly managed and unmonitored work at the site. That’s why, it’s essential to undertake adequate training such as site manager training courses. Ignoring the health and safety laws and regulations, managers, contractors and the owner of the construction firms can causes danger.

Following are the courses designed to ensure safety and care of those working on the site.

Level 1 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace

This is a type of course designed for the all the employees who are working onsite. It is intended for those learners who already engaged at workplaces and those who are looking forward or preparing to start or return to work. It is also very important for young people who want to increase their ability and want to identify and understand hazards when preparing for work experience and into employment.

Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling

The Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling is another type of course, designed for onsite workers. The aim of the course is to introduce to move and handle activities for those who want to start work, return to work, or need specific training in manual handling. This is the right qualification for refresher training.

Level 3 Certificate in Health & Safety in the Workplace

The Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace is the most comprehensive site manager training courses. The course is intended for team leaders, managers, supervisors as well as individuals who wish to advance their health and safety knowledge.

The certificate is important for learners, who are already working under the guidance of supervisors, team leaders, manage and also those who are preparing to start work at this level. Earning this certificate allows you to know that managers, supervisors, managers and team leaders have legal and moral obligations. They are able to make sure health and safety within a business, and that this includes obligations to, contractors, employees, visitors and suppliers.

CSCS Training Course Online

The CSCS training courses is the right course for construction site workers. The course trains workers and introduce them to the possible dangers confronted when working on a construction or civil engineering site.

The training is imparted to workers, providing them with a practical summary of health and safety, and environmental issues. The course enables them to recognize individual responsibilities and look after themselves and others. Workers can also learn what the employer’s duties are and what should be done if they think anyone’s health and safety is being put.

Supervisor Safety Training

In general, this is a one day refresher course. This is the course for the people who are already working as first line managers and want to acquire supervisory responsibilities wanting to understand legal responsibilities that are relevant to their work activities. The program is designed in a way that increases the knowledge of workers and enables them to give valuable assistance in safely managing construction site.

These are the different types of training courses for site workers and managers.

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