5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Bike

electric bicycle

It is not always easy to buy an electric bike, and sometimes it may be very frustrating. You will have to look into the components that matter, the motor size, battery type, and similar other factors. So how do you go about purchasing an electric bicycle? Let’s see:

Try It Out!

Unless you ride the bike, it may not be easy to judge which bike is good and which is not. If you may find a bike shop that allows you to take test rides, then you should try out the bike first. The other way is to take a bike on rent. Just go for a weekend trip and rent a bike for the day and see if you are comfortable riding the bike. While it may look challenging at the start but once you go for it, you are in a better position to make a better decision. Once you have taken a ride, you may have a better idea of what you like about the bike and what you don’t.

1-Pay Attention to Weight & Other Things

Weight plays a major role in how an electric cycle will go with your personality or whether it will be a fit or not. Heavier bikes are harder to lift, and they will hurt far more if they fall off. And the weight of bike may play havoc when there is a flat tire, or it runs out of battery. It may also be a limiting factor if you plan to lift the bike to take it along wherever you go. So it is better that you think about all these factors and then goes about choosing the bike and then you decide on the one that meets your need the best. The place where the battery pack is mounted makes all the difference. If it is very high, then it will take the center of gravity upwards, and it may cause the bike to lose balance frequently.

2-Your Weight vis-à-vis Bike’s Power

Another major consideration is the weight of the rider. If you are heavily built, then it is better to go for extra watt motor and a higher voltage battery. In fact, these factors decide how good or bad the ride of the bike may be.

3-Motor of Bike

The bikes motor may be on the either of the wheel or the frame. The wheel placement is common in the cheaper electric bikes, and they tend to have it in the frame so that it may drive the chain directly. Although the major difference is that motor in the frame will be coupled to the cranks and it may also have a sensor that detects how fast you are pedaling and how much assistance may be required more.

4-Batteries and Charging

You easily find Lithium-Ion batteries everywhere, and it is no surprise that you may find them on almost every other e-bike. More expensive bikes have higher-tech batteries which may get charged rather easily, and they don’t get discharged that quickly either. Battery capacity is usually measured in watt-hours or amp-hours (Ah). It means higher the “Ah” higher is the battery capacity.


If you are planning to buy good e-bikes, then it may not come cheap. The better ones with high-performance, lighter frames, and high-battery capacity are usually priced higher.

In The End

Before you make a buying decision for electric bikes UK, then it is better that you try it out. Once you are comfortable riding it the only make a final decision.

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