5 Good Short Story Ideas You can Use to Write a Story

Many writers possess extraordinary talent. They have many short story ideas. They have more ideas than they can write up. But, there are some who don’t have many ideas about writing short stories. If you tend to write a new short story, it does not need to find the best short story ideas. The best part to be a good writer is not to excuse of having a lack of ideas, but to practice writing more and more. This is how you can make a mediocre of an idea an award-winning story. Stop worrying about the ideas and choose one that is a good one.

To help you start writing and develop knowledge to create ideas, here are good short story ideas.

An Idea of a scar

In order to become a good writer, you just need to have the ability to remember every scar. Let people know the story of a scar, be it a physical scar or an emotional one. Keep in mind that a good writer does not cover up his or her wounds, but choose to glorify them. Go to flashback and recall the moment in your life when you were wounded – whether physically or emotionally. Then, start writing a story, fictional or true story, involving the wound.

Humour and Secrecy

You can choose to craft a story related to humor. A teacher, who is deeply hurt by the school administration, can build up a story from a secret society. Apart from this, choose to write a tall tale of a high-fashion penguin that goes shopping for a tuxedo and gets into the modeling industry. Decide to make crossovers between fashion and bird life as possible.


Breakups can be among the most popular short story ideas. You can use it either for personal experience or create one from your imagination. Always think about a relationship that has the power to intrigue you. You can recall different types of connection, romantic relationship, friendship, or even one between parent and child.

Once I start writing about breakups, make sure to create different ways that each type of relationships can be destroyed. You should keep in mind that a relationship is a part of our life. Many persons consider breakups to be a devastating death. Breakups can offer ample room for comedy as seen with the popularity of romantic comedies in print, TV, and film.


Death is another theme to start a short story. Whether you talk about religion, magic or myth, death is a core element of the human experience. This is why it is important to know why so many stories tackle death. Death is a perception that intrigues most readers. It can take many forms ranging from comedy to drama to tragedy.

Always remember that experience and good writers don’t ignore death when it comes to writing a good short story.


Orphans-related stories can breed emotions and link them to the readers’ emotion.  There is no doubt that people love orphans. This may be because orphans are usually very vulnerable whether at the time of youth, the absence of allies or when they are inexperienced.

Unexpected Fortune

Unexpected Fortune is another good short story idea. You can create a story based on this. The plot about a dirt-poor protagonist that suddenly comes into an unexpected fortune is one of the oldest ideas for writing a story. Cinderella, Aladdin, or Harry Potter stories can form the basis for an exciting storyline.


The above points are some of the good short story ideas. These are perfect ideas to start writing a story. With them, you can find plenty of opportunities to write in a comedic or dramatic vein. So, take your laptop, choose any of the above points, and start writing a dashing story.

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