5 Mesmerizing Places To Visit In London

Places in London

What comes to your mind when you think of London? Noisy lanes, the giant London eye, cozy and laid-back cafes, bad weather, vibrant, and many people from many cultures. London is a leading city of fashion, politics, and culture, and also remains one of the most popular and most visited international tourist destination. There are many popular landmarks and exploring the land on your own is easy. And the easiest way to get around London city is subway, which is among the most extensive subway networks in the entire world.  Here’s a list of top 5 places to explore in London and this what you should be looking in your London tour packages.

  1. London Eye – A fabulous peace of architecture 

The London Eye is one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic Ferris wheels. It was established to mark the millennium celebrations in year 2000 in London. From that day on, it has become London’s most important attractions. The glass capsules attached to the wheel go as high as 443 ft above the Thames. One can experience the awe-inspiring views of the gorgeous city from the capsules. This is a 30-minute long ride and one has to stand in a long queue. Although, if you’re in a hurry or do not want to spend so much time standing in a queue, then you can go on a ride with skin-the-line ticket.

  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is a delight for all tourists. This journey takes you through the sets where the movie Harry Potter was shot and you can see some of the most incredible and magical sets ever. Tourists can either explore the whole set on their own or take a guided tour. If someone is interested, they can quickly learn the complete experience of filming.

  1. Westminster Abbey 

Westminster Abbey is probably one of the most popular points of attraction in the entire London city. A well known site, which is associated with Christianity and has witnessed millions of burials and coronations, this amazing attraction is a must visit for every kind of tourists. Even though it is known for some other reason, but now it has gained popularity as a location for royal weddings.

  1. The British Museum 

The British Museum is among the finest places you’ll ever see in the entire London. This amazing museum has 13 million artifacts including everything from the ancient world to the modern era. These extremely valuable items are collected from all over the world and from different civilizations, which includes China, Europe. Assyria, India, and many other. Some of the most popular objects that are kept in the museum for showcase is Elgin Marbles from Parthenon, Egyptian mummies, and the colossal bust of Ramses II, and what not.

  1. Buckingham Palace 

The gorgeous and incredibly stunning Buckingham was built in the year 1837. It is the residence of the Royal Family ever since queen Victoria too over the authority. Tourists generally take tours of the grand palace and it is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire London. The most beautiful thing is the free display of the marching band with incredible tune.

Do you wish to explore the unique, unexpected, antique, laid-back yet fast-paced life of London? Filled with different cultural groups, happening cafes, pubs and bars, this gorgeous city lets you explore some of the most stunning wonders you’ll ever see. Explore some great Europe honeymoon packages and enjoy the beauty of London.

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