5 Most Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Lawyer in Dubai

Are you facing some legal issues? Do you need a lawyer in Dubai to settle these issues? If so, you should look for a professional and reliable attorney. With the advent of online technology, choosing a specialized lawyer is as easy as it may sound.  However, many people commit some mistakes in deciding to select the best and honest attorney online. As a result, they face even a more complicated issue.

It’s therefore essential for you to know these common errors so you can avoid them and increase the change of finding the best lawyers in Dubai.

Belief in the Wrong Experience

Many lawyers boast of having extensive experience in specialized areas. When you search online, you can find the best lawyers in Dubai having many years of experience. Don’t believe them. They only try to enhance and magnify their credentials. It’s good to get their contact number online and visit their office.  An experienced lawyer either has his/her own chamber, or they are associated with some of the reputable law firms.

Set up a meeting with them, look at their experience, ask about their specialization, and make sure the number of cases they have won. These are the things you should take into account while hiring an advocate.

Hiring One Who Is Not Specialized

Every LL.B. holder doesn’t mean can handle your case. You should hire an attorney based on his or her specialization. What if you hire a criminal lawyer to handle your merger and acquisition case? Or how a real estate legal attorney can help get compensation from a hospital where you get hurt due to the negligence of staff?

So before hiring a lawyer, find out whether he has specialization in the relevant field. For example, if you have to get assistance in the immigration process, you should look for the best immigration lawyer in Dubai. The immigration procedures are different from other laws so an immigration lawyer can only help you.

Bigger is Always Better

This is another mistake done by people. Don’t think that a bigger law firm is always a better solution for you. It may be attractive to first-time entrepreneurs, but you should know that you may end up making a high payment.  If you can’t afford a big law firm or country’s best lawyer, you should go for smaller firms that offer value and expertise.

Many small and mid-sized law firms specialize in things like patent and intellectual property law. They also contain partners that left large firms to strike out on their own. You should go for the big guns only when you are a large company.

Avoid Asking Hard Questions

Before the lawyer interviews you about your cases, you should interview him/her. Don’t hesitate to ask hard questions about the relevant experience. Ensure that the lawyer is well prepared to answer your questions. Here are the most common questions to ask and avoid any mistake.

  • How long have you been handling such cases?
  • How familiar are you with the type of case I have?
  • Have you been successful in handling this type of case?
  • When was the last time you succeeded in this type of case?
  • Also, ask whether he/she has expert witnesses?
  • How do you accept payment?

Don’t fail to ask these questions to the lawyer. When the lawyer can give you the right answer, and you study his previous cases, you can proceed with him.

They are Intimidated

Surprised? Lawyers are intimidated. After all, they’re human too. We put our shoes on one at a time.  As a prospective client, you should be very unwilling to hire an attorney who is not able to instantly make a rigorous effort to put you at ease.  If he/she talks above you or has a disdainful attitude or tone, you should understand that you are not their number one focus.

If you’re not the priority for the lawyer in a very first consultation, you are not going to be important in the future. Always keep in mind that you are the buyer, and the lawyer is the seller. There are plenty of lawyers in the market who will be ready to assist you and love to have you as a new client. So, if you’re not impressed with the lawyer in the initial meeting due to any reason, don’t hire him. You can tell him that you want to give some further thought.


Since you’re familiar with all the common mistakes, you should always remember to set the tone and discuss expectations.  Remember today’s buzzword is “transparency.” Your lawyer should be willing to discuss anything with you. He should be interested in talking about anything from billing practices to status calls to reconsidering strategy. And, he should always be ready to talk to you.

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