5 Points to Consider While Choosing WordPress Hosting


Do you want the best WordPress hosting for your site? You can easily find numerous options which you can use, and there are thousands of providers for the same. Many parameters play a significant role in the suitability of the web hosting service:


1. Look At The Needs Of Your Website First!

What is the current status of website traffic? Are you expecting significant growth in the traffic figure in the months to come? Do you want the scalability to be there as well? Do you need the hosting service to be developer friendly? What kind of support are you looking at? Have you allocated any budget for the hosting solution?


2. Site Speed

You should pay close attention to the hosting hardware of the service provider. Whether it is RAM, CPU or the disk-space, they all play a significant role in determining the overall performance of the site. The usage of these resources depends on the content which is hosted on the site. For instance, if you have hosting content, it may not be able to handle the sudden burst in the traffic.


3. Multi-Channel Support

The other thing which matters when you are choosing a hosting provider is the tech support which is being offered. If you are good at WordPress installation, migration, security, caching, taking the back-ups, etc., you may not need excellent tech support.

What if there is a technical issue which is beyond your capabilities? There is always a chance that a glitch maybe there which can throw your site off-track. Thus it is recommended that you choose a provider who cares about ensuring that their product function as advertised. Almost every provider offers some degree of support through the various channels which are a telephone, forums, web chats, e-mails and also through a ticket system.


4. Uptime Stats

Most hosting providers offer more than 99.5% support. None of them is in below 99% region. While you may find it insignificant, but even a 0.1% change in uptime figure can significantly affect the revenues if you are dependent on the same.


5. Other Factors Which Need Your Attention

  • Back-Up-  If there is an issue on the site, it gets hacked or loses all the data, and you should be able to restore the website to its former running state.
  • Caching- Many reputed companies offer caching to ensure that the site speed is enhanced significantly.
  • Git Version- If you are a developer, you should be able to get the latest version of the site.
  • Security- While searching for the best WordPress hosting, you should find out, how many times the hosting provider has suffered an attack. It indicates what kind of security is being offered.
  • Plans-  You should also pay attention to the various plans which are offered by the hosting provider so that you can choose the best plan.



When you have considered these points, you will have the best WordPress hosting with you.

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