5 Prominent Forms of ReMarketing Available With Google AdWords


AdWords remarketing is a proven strategy to target prospects who are familiar with your brand and are more likely to convert than random strangers. But do you know the different forms of remarketing that are available on Google AdWords? Read on to learn more!

Standard Display Remarketing

Standard Display Remarketing

With this type Google AdWords remarketing, you can show ads to site visitors as they browse elsewhere on the Google Display Network. Once you install a remarketing pixel and conversion pixel on your website, you’ll be able to create different remarketing lists based on how prospects behaved onsite.

You can then target through different campaigns, set different bids and serve image/text ads with custom messaging. This basic type of remarketing is recommended for first-time users only offering one/two products and businesses with low volume lead generation.

Dynamic Display Remarketing

Dynamic Display Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is an advanced Google remarketing tactic that allows large e-commerce businesses with a functional product feed at Google Merchant Center to show ads that include specific products or services prospects viewed on your website or app. Prospects are targeted as they browse the Google Display Network.

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To enable dynamic remarketing, you need to install a specialized dynamic remarketing pixel on website or app. Dynamic remarketing ads are a great way to stay on top of users’ mind and entice them to complete a purchase.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

With remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs), you’ll be able to target site visitors as they browse Google Search and Search Partner sites. In AdWords, RLSAs serve as an additional targeting factor and are used to overlay keywords as well as make bid adjustments.

Expert remarketing services providers recommend using RLSAs to segment past site visitors and serve custom ad copy to different groups as they’re entering search terms related to your business on Google Search.

Remarketing Through Video Ads

Remarketing Through Video Ads

Remarketing services providers recommend using video remarketing to target audiences who interacted with your videos as they browsed Display Network websites and apps or who interacted with your YouTube channel.

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In video remarketing, you can serve video ads on YouTube as well as permitting websites on Google Display Network. You can target different audience segments such as affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences, Google Analytics audiences and ‘Similar To’ audiences.

Remarketing to Customer Match Audience

Customer Match Audience

Customer Match remarketing doesn’t involve installing a pixel on your website or app. For customer match remarketing, you have to upload user emails that customers have given you into Google. Here too, you can segment audiences and create different audience lists for remarketing purposes.

Google will process the email addresses and collate them with Google account holders. You can target customer match audiences with Google Search ads, Google Shopping ads, YouTube ads and Gmail ads when they sign into their Google account.

Do you need help setting up an AdWords remarketing campaign? Get in touch with your trusted AdWords management services provider!

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