5 Reasons to Bring Home an Elliptical Cross Trainer

An elliptical cross trainer machine is also known by several other names such as a cross-trainer, X-trainer, or simply elliptical. This health equipment is usually found in the cardio section of gyms. This exercise equipment comprises two long handles and foot pedals. It is designed to mimic the movement patterns which are experienced while walking, running, and even hill-climbing. Due to its versatility and utility this machine is also finding its place in homes.

We are presenting here five convincing reasons to bring home an elliptical cross trainer:

1. Effective in losing weight

A cross trainer is really a fat burner and a calorie burner as well. It engages a larger group of muscles at any given time when compared to other oft-used home exercise equipment, including the treadmill. However, the proportion of fat and/or calories that you can burn over this machine depends on other factors as well like your age, gender, and fitness level. But, no doubt, it is the most effective weight losing equipment available in the market.

2. Doesn’t hurt your joints

Elliptical trainer is not an avoidable exercise machine for those having joint pain or hip pain. While the people with joint pain are considered unfit for many exercise machines like the treadmill, this is not the case with a cross trainer, which is very kind on your joints. It does not put undue stress on your joints and keep them at ease while giving you the required workout.

3. Provides whole-body workout

What would be better than a machine that provides you a whole body workout? It would save a lot of your valuable time and effort, as you would not be required to work out on separate fitness equipment for separate things. An elliptical cross trainer makes this possible. The intelligent combination of moving handles and paddles effectively exercise your upper and lower body to deliver you good health.

4. Multiple exercise option

The elliptical trainer is not any regular fitness equipment, but rather it’s a versatile machine that makes multiple types of exercises possible on a single machine. This equipment is designed to mimic the actions of walking, jogging, running, and climbing. There are some intelligent cross trainers which can adjust their intensity to suit your heart rate, so that you get the most appropriate setting.

5. Space efficient design

This is a very important quality that should be present in any home fitness equipment. The available space is a challenge in many households. Many people want to purchase health equipment, but they can’t do so due to lack of space for equipment in their apartment. The cross trainers are designed to fit in a corner of your room; some of them can even be accommodated under your desk or bed.

So, if you are planning to purchase a fitness machine to use at home, there would not be any better choice than an Elliptical Cross Trainer, which is counted among the best gym equipments in India. Comparing the price of this exercise equipment with the benefits that it offers, we can say that elliptical cross trainer is the best value-for-money fitness machine. Truly speaking, it is your gym at home.

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