5 Reasons to Invest in WAN Transformation


Many organizations have managed to survive with the legacy of WAN for years. As the technology is constantly evolving, the time has come for WAN transformation. There are several reasons to do it.

One of the main reasons to do is the major shift of computing from client/server architecture and the internet to cloud and mobile. As compared to legacy computing models, cloud and mobile computing create totally different traffic patterns, which make computing easier and cost-effective than ever. SD-WAN is the best example to consider when it comes to transforming traditional WAN.

This post further explains 5 crucial reasons companies should invest in WAN transformation.

Let’s get started.

Traffic Prioritization

WAN transformation ensures your important applications have consistent support to work and perform well through traffic prioritization. This particular approach prevents the wastage of resources of less critical activities and guarantees that traffic from the necessary applications takes the best path across the network. In this way, SD-WAN reduces latency and poor performance.

Better Utilization of Available Resources

Investing in SD-WAN helps you make most of your available resources, which means more bandwidth to meet application needs. It eliminates the need of adding extra links to increase bandwidth support.

Simply put, it uses all available bandwidth by combining multiple links including MPLS, Ethernet, 3G, 4G LTE, and Broadband Internet to provide an outstanding user experience.

Real-Time Network Responsiveness

Unlike traditional WAN where network admins and engineers used to adjust the network manually, SD-WAN offers a smart network that handles everything by itself. It improves network agility and flexibility to provide real-time network responsiveness. Further, it measures crucial metrics like packet loss, latency, path availability, and jitter to make smart decisions about how each packet should be treated.

Better Service Quality

For various organizations from diverse industries, SD-WAN has proven its significance as a complete game changer, and the reason is it improves service quality. Companies can enhance the capacity and value through responsive routing and traffic prioritization. In simple terms, you can say that organizations get quality in their hands, which help them boost their services to achieve utmost clients’ satisfaction.

Great Scope for Future Expansion

Now, this is one crucial. As every business grows over time, investing money in SD-WAN for WAN transformation helps organizations to pave the way for easy, quick and cost-effective future enhancements. No wonder why it has become a mandate for the future ready enterprise network.


The points as explained above describe the reasons for investing in WAN transformation. For a business, it is important to upgrade WAN because it helps to stay ahead of the competition.

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