5 rules every lady should follow while shopping

Are you getting the full value back of money where you are spending it? How many times did you go shopping without preparation? I am sure we all have done it once in our lifetime. Also, women fashion is a bit of complicated as compared to men. We ladies consider even the shortest accessory to be a perfect match. Unfortunately not every time you are able to find the best accessories as you wanted them to be. But, now is the time to reveal our 5 rules of shopping that every lady should know while going shopping. These rules will never let you waste money on products you don’t want to wear. Also, read it completely we’ve hidden a treasure in it too.


Body shape is the most important:

Body shape is the single most important factor that can help you find the perfect accessories and wearables.  It is the only thing you need to follow while choosing your style and nothing else. Don’t follow an insta celebrity; never follow super beautiful lady like Mahira. Wondering why? because your and their body shape might not be the same. Even if you are lucky enough to have a body shape like that, you cannot have the same external factors such as lighting conditions, a whole choreographed theme etc. Therefore, the only thing you need to follow is your body shape.

Sales are not for you:

If you are a fashion savvy lady and going after sales you are wasting money. Sales are not for fashion fanatics. Here’s why shopping from sales is not the right option for you. Sales are often meant for those who want cheap products. Being a fashion savvy you want something that looks absolutely perfect on your body. You might find something cheap but what are you gonna do it with if it doesn’t suit your persona. Therefore, don’t spend money just because it’s a small amount, rather spend it where you get the full value for it.

Matching accessories:

Accessories are what make every dress worth it. No fashion fanatic can count on the importance of matching accessories with your dress. Many a time’s ladies compromise on accessories which is the biggest fashion mistake you can ever make. You need to match the best accessories with any dress. However, sometimes matching the best accessories becomes a bit of a problem. Remember the hidden treasure? It’s going to be revealed to you shortly.

Makeup is must:

No matter what the event is, wearing proper makeup is necessary for everyone. While wearing makeup for any event you should remember makeup rules. Also, makeup doesn’t mean just wearing mascara or applying lipstick on your lips. Makeup for every occasion is different, similarly, makeup is different during the hours of the day, day, evening and night. If you are buying any dress for a particular event, you can wear makeup and then go shopping.

Don’t head to shopping without accessories:

Accessories are not just important while wearing outfits, these are important while buying too. That’s our treasure; heading shopping wearing full accessories is the most important rule while shopping. For a bigger event like a wedding, college party or prom nights, it is always best to head for shopping while wearing full accessories. This will give you an exact idea if the dress and accessories go in-line with your desire.

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