5 Secrets to Mastering Sales Follow-Up

You own a profitable business and you dream big to have a successful business. You know that you give your full effort, you work diligently and sure you do enjoy some success. But you think that you need some extra sales to maximize our profit. Well if this is what you want then all you have to do is to increase your sales tactics to improve your sales dramatically.

If you use the following tactics than not only you will; notice a considerable increase in your sales in a relatively less amount of time and sure your margins will be higher as you will be providing your services from a respected agency.

Trick 1: The Three types of leads. (Cherry Picking)

Each and every time you begin a marketing campaign, the results which you get can be divided into 3 categories.

  1. Strategy that is ready for now (most important),
  2. Strategy that will be ready soon (This strategy will be crucial for your success), and
  3. Strategy which won’t be seeing the light of the day (cold leads).

We face a problem here and that is we cannot categorize any leads as we don’t know exactly which lead will go where, so our company’s staff members or our sales rep pick up leads from each strategy at least twice, then they focus on the strategy which will be yielding more results, In short, this is known as cherry picking.

All the sales representatives who work for commission do this, they all go for the fruit in the lowest branch. The reason for this is because

  1. All the sales rep get high commissions for each sale.
  2. Sales rep cannot discern between a good or bad lead until the very end when it is too late.

If the target is reached by the sales rep but the timing is not in favor or they lack the necessary patience for following up.

The ways sales rep work there is nothing wrong in the way they do their job. The problem arises when they ignore all the hot strategy (leads) and the sales rep choosing to ignore the tedious hard work. So what they do they usually wait for a new strategy (leads), while abandoning the previous ones by doing so they the older hot strategy(leads) gets cold and become forgotten. What you need to do is make the most out of your leads and when you strive to use your leads to its fullest extent you see the results in your balance sheets.

Trick 2: the importance of timing

You have to keep in mind customers will only buy when they feel the need for it not the other way around when you are ready to sell. In short, you have t be at your top game whenever they are ready to ready to buy and you have to follow up with your potential customers with sincerity.

  1. You have to convince your customers with good prospects and try to make a cold prospect into a warm one try to do this for a good amount of time.
  2. You cannot always leave the sales with your representatives sometimes you have to fill in the shoes

If you are in e commerce business you have to make your move accordingly and introduce relevant offers and discount at right time. For instance Flipkart (Flipkart cash back) and Amazon (Amazon Cashback offers) time their respective sales and offers during festivals or certain national event like Independence Day to maximize their sales.

Secret #3: Integrate sales and marketing.

Most companies have a set way of working, for instance, the department for marketing job is to create and find leads and the sales department’s job is to call on those leads and successfully close the deal. But between calling a lead and trying to close in there is the gap which needs to be understood.

  1. the job of marketing department doesn’t start and end when a successful lead is obtained.
  2. Sales department tasks are not limited to do a rain check and close a deal.
  3. But the most important task is to be having a department whose task will be too warm those leads which will yield results later.

Secret #4: You must have a living, breathing customer database.

Your customer and customer base are everything which you have worked so hard for. You have to actively, systematically and with determination build your customer base. Everything related to your customer should be stored in a database which should be regularly updated.

All you need to do with your customer list is to organize them meaningfully into categories and try to build a custom database of customers who are potentially important to help in increase in your business.

If you apply these evergreen secrets into one secure, comprehensive system then without a doubt you will see a significant rise in your sales and this rise will significantly help you transform your business.

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