5 Things You Should know About Moses Basket

Are you thinking of buying things for your newborn baby? The most essential thing to be bought in this process would be a place where your baby can rest, which can be a cot or a Moses Basket. As a parent one would always try to buy what is best for their child, so if we differentiate between the cot and the Moses basket. Moses Basket is a much better option for your kid to take rest in.

1.Ideal Bed

Moses basket is regarded as an ideal bed for the newborn baby from day 1 to 3 months. It is a safe and cosy place where your baby can take a nap with ease.

These baskets are very lightweight and portable. They can be easily shifted to and fitted in any room regardless of its size because of it’s compact structure and easy portability. This is an affordable option to buy in comparison to other available options such as a cot.

2.Safety Measures

Where do one place the Moses Basket is also a matter of concern. Moses Basket should be placed in the room away from electronic devices so that the bad radiations don’t affect the baby. Some things should be kept in mind by the parents, if you want to move the basket always ensure that the baby isn’t there in the basket. Don’t place the basket under any shelf which can fall over them and hurt the baby.

3.Time period for the use of the Moses Basket

Generally it is said that the baby can be placed in the Moses basket for a period of 3 months from the day of birth but this can vary in different cases. In some cases, babies stay in the basket for 6 months also. It all depends on the growth of your baby, particularly size, weight and height of your baby. If your baby has started pulling himself it is the perfect signal to shift your baby from the Moses basket to a cot.

4.Need for extra bedding

All the Moses baskets you will come through have already an inserted bedding in them, which ensures no need for an extra bedding. These are so well bedded that your baby will feel cozy and comfortable sleeping in them without any hindrance. Also remember if you prefer putting extra bedding for your baby, there is only a preferable temperature that the new born baby should be kept in i.e about 16 degrees to 20 degrees. If you put extra bedding it can make your baby feel heated and uncomfortable to do anything. So, it is always necessary to think about your baby’s comfort before placing the extra bedding.

5.Kind of mattress to be used

Mattress to be used in the Moses basket is also an important thing to be taken care of. Moses Basket offer different kinds of mattresses – the mattress that one should prefer to buy for your baby should be firm and waterproof. It is extremely important for the Mattress to be waterproof as it will help in keeping the basket dry and clean.

So, go and buy a moses basket for your baby so that he/she can enjoy a restful sleep!

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