5 Things to do before you write an article online

Today i will discuss 5 Most important things that you must do before you write online content.

1. Check Plagiarism:

No matter your content is 5,000 words or more if it is copied from other websites, it will not only waste your time but also your website will be penalized by google. Some people thing that they might get free from google by giving credit links to those websites, but it is not true. Google and other search engines highly dislike this thing. So you should check your content for plagiarism. you can use online plagiarism checker to check your content from search engines or you can download some plagiarism detecting software.

2. Check Grammar:

Grammar was not an issue sometime ago, but today it is. Yes, Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also check grammar mistakes in your content. This is not a positive point if you are want rank your webpage higher. There are thousands of grammar checkers available on the internet, you can use any of those. Also Micro Soft Office itself has a built in grammar checker in it.

3: Check Broken Links:

If you are using some credit links or some informational links in your content. Double check it, because 404 links can harm your ranking. It is tough to check all links one by one, you can use some broken links checker tools to done this job for you.

4: Use Images & Videos:

Using Media contents in your article not only help your media content to rank in google, it also make your article more attractive. According to an online survey, 40% of the internet users love to read those article which has Images or videos in it. And remember, if you are using images in your post, do not forget to add “Alt” attribute in it.

5: Keywords Density:

Now this might be new term for you. keywords density means how many times a spesific keywords in being used in your content. Using a same keyword many times may give you lower ranking in google, because it is called keyword stuffing and SEs do not like it. Check keyword density and try to make it lower than 3% of your full article content.

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