5 Tips for an Efficient Studio Search You can afford in Beirut

Studio For Rent In Beirut

When you’re studio hunting for rent in Beirut, there are certain amenities that you probably look for, like a dishwasher, Wi-Fi, safe, an in-unit washer/dryer, bed, or being close to public transportation. This checklist of amenities means you may require visiting many studio apartments and seeing before choosing the right one. This can be daunting, especially when searching within a fixed budget range, but a few things to consider can make it a lot easier.

Deal breakers

Even if you are searching for a budget-friendly studio in Beirut, it does not mean you should compromise on your quality of life. Take a few seconds to brainstorm what would like to have and what you couldn’t stand. Here is a list of things to consider finding the right studio for rent in Beirut.

  • Your time of commuting
  • Do you want to keep about pets
  • How are your feelings about pets
  • Whether the studio is smoking or non-smoking
  • What you’re looking for in a roommate
  • Distance to the nearest subway or bus stop
  • Do you need an oven, stove, dishwasher, elevator or on-site laundry
  • How you feel about overnight guests

Time of Year

In which month you’re hunting for a studio apartment in Beirut effects your budget, impacting on what you end up paying for rent. During the summer month, a bevy of rentals may be available. However, the prices will be much higher because many people look for a place during that season.

If time is not a concern for you, do your search between October to December and February to March. Reason being, a fewer look to move during this period due to cold outside and closer to the holiday season.

Brand New Properties

Don’t overlook the importance of checking out brand new buildings in the area. Many apartment hunters assume they cannot afford to live in a new studio apartment just because it’s new and shiny. Many new hotels offer exciting deals to their guests. They are all set to achieve their target and so can provide you heavy discounts on booking an apartment or room with them. Some of the additional freebies may too be allowable such as free parking spaces.

Choosing Amenities

Don’t turn a blind eye when choosing your amenities. Rather do it wisely. Make sure whether should go for renovated or a non-renovated unit. Similarly, decide whether you can opt for in-unit laundry and onsite laundry facility. Usually, in-unit laundry and living in a nicely upgraded studio apartment is preferable. These apartments are occupied first so have a higher demand. Service providers can easily raise the rent on these apartments. Be reluctant to choose a luxurious studio, as it can be expensive. Going with a deluxe room without many luxurious amenities could be a pretty awesome option for a reduction in your rental cost.

Special Discounts

Asking for special discounts is another factor to consider when it comes to booking a studio for rent in Beirut. Depending on the rooms you want to bool, some special offers may be available for you. Look for these offers to take advantage of.

The bottom line is that finding an apartment within your budget may be difficult, but when you consider the above points, you will make it a lot easier.

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