Five Ways to Build Successful Parent-Teacher Communication


“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”Bob Beauprez

An effective parent-teacher communication is vital for a teacher to be successful. Building positive relationship with parents is first step in facilitating the students to the road of success. The best way to avoid any misunderstandings among parents is to keep them informed about classroom news & events through clear lines of communication. Be it emails or parents teacher communication app, at present time, there are several channels to assist teachers in accessing the parents in no time.

Let us be familiar with the ways by which teachers can do it.

Begin the year by clearing up how you will keep touch with them

It is important to tell parents that you value their concerns & questions and are always ready to respond them. However, as you have to deal with a large group of parents, it is important to tell them when you will be free to return their phone calls, e-mails, and messages. Tell parents about your schedule through a welcome e-mail, letter or newsletter.

Parent teacher communication app

parent teacher communication app

Our life is getting tech-savvy and so are our educational institutions. Parent teacher communication app plays a significant role in building communication ties between parents, educators, and students. Quite handy to use, these apps provides multiple facilities for sharing information, notices, messages, projects and even images. You can make smart use of these apps for making a one-way announcement or two-way individual chat with any of the parents.

Build their trust

Although building trust is a gradual process that requires some time, you can win parents trust by interacting them at a personal level. Don’t shy away from talking casually with them, like their hobbies or interests. When required don’t hesitate to give parents a personal call. These steps help to develop a mutual trust with them.

Pretend when required

Even after taking all these steps, it is a reality that you cannot get along with all the parents. There may be personality conflicts or dissimilar attitudes with a few parents. However, you have a job and avoiding such parents is not possible. So, to do what is best for the child, pretend and bear the uncomfortable situation at times.


Parents can be your best friend and also can be your enemy. Although building strong relationships with parents is not as easy as a pie; by putting the incessant effort it won’t take much time to win their hearts. Good luck for your labors!

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