5 Ways Wire Dress Forms can be Utilized Better than Regular Mannequins

When a brand or shop is looking for options for how to display clothing lines efficiently, they might have more options than the regular mannequins everyone so famously uses these days. Mannequins might be a very suitable solution for many brands and shops but they do come with some certain disadvantages that hinder with usability in some ways. Having said that brands should realize their needs and preferences, not wire dress forms neither regular mannequins are perfect for every situation, it is up to the brand or shop owners to decide for themselves what suits their needs best and then make their buying decisions depending on their particular requirements. For brands where wire dress forms suit better here are a few ways wire dress forms can be utilized better than regular mannequins.

1: Lightweight Form Factor Enhancing Portability

Wire dress forms are manufactured with the aim of mimicking a live human body form just like regular mannequins. The difference is in the type material used and also the amount of material used. Wire dress forms are made of lightweight metallic wires that don’t cover the whole portion of the body form, most of them just cover the curves and the structure part so that it is not easily dismantled and also stays lightweight in the process. That lightweight nature enables them to be much more portable than any regular mannequins no matter how light they get. That makes them that much more easily to be moved around in the display area or even the brand shop.

2: Cover what you want, Leave what you don’t

This is an optional one and depends highly on the choice of clothes brands want to put on body forms. If the preference is to display on some part of the clothing and highlight that particular piece more than wire dress forms will serve the purpose best. This is better understood when a brands wants to highlight only some shorts for girls or may be a short colorful top without mixing it with the rest of the clothing. With regular mannequins this cannot be done as the rest of the naked mannequin body will not look appropriate. This is why this severs as one of the ways wire dress forms can be utilized better than regular mannequins.

3: Natural Floral Design Options

In case the shop owner wants to make the display unit look more appealing and attractive without even display the clothing they might sell, giving the body form a floral look that is full of flowers is a great idea. Imagine doing that with a regular mannequin, the floral temporary dress will only cover some part of the body of the mannequin, leaving the rest uncovered un-appropriately. Wire dress forms have no such issue, with them even if the floral dress covers half the body, the rest will somehow suit the look and still look great. Regardless of how much part is covered and how much is left uncovered.

4: Permanent Shapes for Party and Wedding Dresses

Possibly the best reason for a brand or shop to go with wire dress forms is that they can be molded in many shapes. This goes particularly well for brands who master in wedding dresses and more formal dresses for women that might include gowns or frocks. How this works best is the wires on the wire dress forms can be molded into shapes that will keep the dresses in the extended positions for as long as they are displayed. The wires are solid metal and do not lose their shape until made to do so by the person dressing them up. This way the wedding or party dress brands are able to display their fancy dresses in a much better and more appropriate way and this works better for customers as well, they will be able to see the fancy designs on those dresses much better and make their selection processes a lot easier.

5: Ability to Enhance Curves by Pressing Wires in Slightly

When curves are to be shown on dress forms in the most outrageous ways, wire dress forms come in use better than any other options. The wires used in their manufacture are solid but not steel hard, they are bendable to a certain extent. That works great when for example brands have a tightly fit women dress to display and it is supposed to bring out the curvy body form out. Slight force on the sides of the belly area and possibly the chest region will press the sides in a bit and make the body form appear much more curvier, enhancing the overall look of the dress many times. Many formal dress brands make use of this idea in the most effective way, bringing out the curvy look of their formal dresses and making them a lot more prominent.

Although even in the more competitive international market of today where most things no matter how bizarre or hard to find they maybe are available on the World Wide Web literally in every region of the world, it is still easier to find regular mannequins for sale rather than wire dress forms. This by no means wire dress forms are hard to find, you just have to look for them in more detailed and time-consuming ways and they come in different sizes and material choices and even for different parts of the body, brands are advised to make their purchase decisions carefully analyzing their needs and requirements before they continue with the purchase. These ideas highlighted were our own, we would like to hear from you as well. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments.

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