6 Easy Tips You Should Add to Your GRE Vocabulary Practice


The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a test, which is used in many countries where English is a primary language. It is mainly used in the United States of America. The purpose of conducting this test is to check an individual’s abstract thinking when it comes to vocabulary, mathematics, and analytical writing.

If you are preparing for GRE test, this article is worth a read. Continue reading to do the right GRE vocabulary practice.

Read and Read

The first step towards your GRE vocabulary is to read books, newspapers, magazines. Pay attention to words you are hardly aware of. Don’t skip them. Instead, notice and write them to practice repeatedly.

Love Your Dictionary

During your GRE vocabulary practice, get used to knowing about essential words. Don’t think that the first meaning is the only one you should know. In the GRE tests, you can be asked about the secondary definitions, so it’s important to scan through them all.

Make Your Own Definitions

Since you know the definition given by the dictionary, it’s important to reiterate it in your own words. You will realize that it’s not much difficult. And, you can easily remember the meaning of a word if you make it your own.

Prepare a List of GRE Vocabulary

Make a list of new GRE vocabulary in a notebook or your mobile. You can also write it as it will help you memorize the words. As soon as you find a new word, jot them down. It’s also good to copy the sentence in its original form to remind yourself how the word looks in context.

Understand Roots of Word

Many words have the similar origins. For instance, ben and bene mean good or well. These words are used to address benefits. If you learn the common roots of words, you will be able to use them in your sentence correctly. This will provide you full benefits in narrowing down answer choices.

Use Your New Words

Experts say that students should use every new word every chance they get. You should develop a robust vocabulary. It requires a lot of practice. It is advisable to drop a GRE word into your next conversation. When you use a new word in writing and communication as often as you can, it will help you retain it longer.

Thus, follow these six tips if you are planning strategies for GRE vocabulary practice.

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