6 Most Common Myths about CrossFit: Busted

It’s not wrong to say that people are looking out for boosting their stamina and endurance. That’s why they are choosing CrossFit. CrossFit has become one of the most popular trends for people who want to pump up their fitness. However, some people also complain about fitness program regarding managing their resistance workouts from one week to the next. With the growing demands of CrossFit in Dubai, many misconceptions and myths have also emerged.

CrossFit is too expensive

It may be true. CrossFit may cost more than the regular monthly membership at Gyms. However, when you dig deep, you find that each time you choose CrossFit, you have a personal trainer who trains you professionally. The cost of the trainer is included in your charge.

When talked about other gyms, you end up with paying for the trainer each time. And, they would like to sell your supplements. In contrast, the CrossFit in Dubai provides you with a trainer each and never force you to supplements. The professionals let you know the ways get the nutrients you need out of the diet you currently have.

You are too old for CrossFit

CrossFit fitness instructors work with everyone irrespective of age. Whether you are teens or seniors, you are suitable for the CrossFit. Trainers tailor their daily workout depending on the personal requirements.

No time to schedule for CrossFit

Saying that you don’t have time for CrossFit is baseless. Think how much time you spend watching your TV, how much time you spend on social media sites daily, how much time you spend in a restaurant or shopping. You just need one hour to be a suitable candidate for CrossFit. Manage your time expertly, and you will have time enough for CrossFit.

Using a Video Workout System at Home is a Better Option

Think logically. When you fall ill, do you treat yourself by reading online instructions? Certainly not! How then using a video workout system can help you achieve the best results. A trainer is always required to gain proper health.

CrossFit can bulk you too much

This is one of the most common myths, especially for females, who are eager to tune out their workouts. You should know that ladies develop their muscle differently from men. If you work out daily with CrossFit, it will yield high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You will get muscle, but not too much. As a female, if you want to add muscle, you need to cut down the cardio part of the workout and add to the resistance part.

A regimented diet plan is required for CrossFit workers

This is another myth about CrossFit. Don’t think that you will need to transform your eating for the workouts to gain any benefits. The CrossFit fitness trainers may suggest you for using a paleo diet. If your instructor asks you for lean protein and veggies at the expense of carbohydrates, this is not mandatory. The better your diet plan is the much better the results will be.

So, if you want to enter the CrossFit world, make sure you are not misinformed.

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