6 Powerful Product Launch Ideas That Top Companies Use

When it comes to launching a product, a brand like Apple attracts our attention the most. It always manages to do it the right way.

As per the Apple’s newsroom, the brand managed to sell over 300,000 iPads on the launch date.

Isn’t it a big achievement?

Every business wants to perform like this. But, sadly, they’re not Apple.

The challenge is large when launching a new product.

In this post, we’re sharing six striking product launch ideas that make your product launch more productive.

1. Target a Single Buyer Persona

Don’t reinvent an existing buyer persona. Instead, focus on outlining who among your potential audience is an excellent fit for the product you are launching. Try to judge what types of challenges they are facing, how they work, how your product will affect their lives. Talk to individuals who you think are the right fit for the product and understand their needs and goals.

2. Be People-Centric Rather Than Product-Centric

As per the top branding companies, one shouldn’t go on and on about the features of the product. Instead, emphasize how the service or product is unique in the market and how it can affect and benefit your audience. Let people know how it can change their life.

For example, if your product features to do a specific task easily, talk about the challenges of accomplishing that task. And, inform the audience how your product can help alleviate them. Lay emphasis how a particular feature in the product can help consumers perform a specific task.

3. Create a Mock Campaign

Minimum one month before the product launch date, launch a mock campaign on social media to attract as much attention as possible. Since you’d prefer spending less; it’s advisable to use the most of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to create a teaser campaign. This will lead to making a lot of difference in your product sale. People will know about the launch of the product with a new revolutionary feature. All this is done with a mock campaign.

4. Draw out the Mystery

Some top branding companies don’t tell people everything about their upcoming products. They, instead, choose to draw out the mystery and build suspense. That’s a good idea to create longer buzz. Releasing marginal details deliberately about the product can help you drive your audience.

5. Create Short Videos

No doubt, it takes more effort than creating text posts. But, videos carry more powerful impacts on target audiences.

Create short videos and highlight key features of the product. Through the videos, let people know how your product can be used in their daily life. It’s good to develop a whole web series of short, attractive videos.

To watch how Apple created a series of short videos for promoting the Apple watch, click here.

6. Plan a Big Event

It’s better if you launch the new product in the grandest way possible. For this, you can plan a big event. Organize the event in such a way that it attracts media attention. Remember that people love to associate with brands that believe to be big. If possible, share stories how your product can bring changes in people’s life.

So there you have stunning product launch ideas. Use these six ways for a successful product launch.

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