6 Questions Which Will Help You Buy The Best E-Bike!

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1. What An E-Bike Is All About?

An electric bike has a modified bicycle frame which pedals and also includes an electric motor.  This motor is primarily in the form of a hub motor which is connected to a rear wheel. They allow the rider to pedal the bike or lower the battery power of the battery and motor drive system. Like a traditional bike, the steering, brakes, and gears all work as expected. With the help of an e-bike, you can ride uphill with ease or slide through the inclines rather easily. You can go up to a speed of 15mph on the flat. If you are facing a mobility issue, then they can be a great way of transportation.

With the help of an e-bike, the exertion during the cycling may be significantly reduced, when you are traveling the short distances. When it comes to the formation, an e-bike has the same components as a standard bicycle but with a battery assisted power. It simply means that you can cycle with power assistance when you need it. When you pedal, the battery offers the automatic power boost.  The 3-key elements of an e-bike are:

  • The battery of the bike which you can charge directly into the wall socket like any household device.
  • The motor which provides the power to match your pedaling and is responsive to cornering, braking, and the speed.
  • The e-bikes also come with a dashboard which provides information on the battery level, speed and even the on/off switch.


2. Can I Ride My Bike Just Anywhere?

First-time e-bikers are often confused about the places where they can ride the bike. Most e-bikes are road legal, and they can be used on different cycle paths. But you need to remain safe. You should always wear a cycle helmet and also use a light at night. While riding your e-bike, you should wear a helmet and also use a light at night.


3. Is It Fitted With The Excellent Battery?

When you are buying an e-bike, you will want to know how durable the e-bike battery is.  You may hear the leading names, but if you don’t come across the name that you recognize, you should ask a little bit more. The average battery rating is 36 volts and 10-ampere hour. With this type of battery rating, you can get 20 to 40 mile of charge. It depends on your riding style and distance you can pedal. It is usually considered as a good range for the first-timers. If you compare Cyclotricity to GTECH bikes, you will able to decide about the former one.


3. What Kind Of Motor Does It Have?

When you are buying a bike, you should ask about the wattage of the motor, its wattage rating and the peak wattage rating. The numbers you usually come across on the internet is the continuous wattage rating.  If you come across 500-watt rating, it represents the wattage which the motor can put on a continuous level during the charge. The peak wattage rating is what the motor can deliver on the heavy load situations. When you are climbing the hill, you will be drawing more current from the battery. So you should know the more delicate details.


4. What Other Components The Bike Has?

Some e-bikers are curious about the bike’s components. Usually, you should be concerned about the shifting systems and the braking systems. Most e-bikes are fitted with branded products, but it is better to know about the fine details rather than just getting convinced about the name of the manufacturer.


5. What Kind Of Customer Service Is Available?

When you are buying a bike, you want to know about the customer service that comes along. Most often you want a warranty of 12, 18 and 24 months is a norm these days. Then you may also want to know what the response time it is available with the customer service department. A better way to gauge the customer service provided is, by the way, sending a general query and then finding out how much time will it take to get the response. If you get a response within 24-hours, it is normal, but if you get it after a week, then you can easily conclude about the service that is available.


6. Is There Any Age Restriction For Riding A Bike?

You can ride an electric bike right from the age of 14, but that is limit in the UK. If you are in the UK, you will not need any license, but regulations vary from one country to the other. It means you need to be very much aware of the rules and law of your country.



When you are going for a bike, you will need to have answers about these questions to remain assured that you are getting the best one (not GTECH bikes for sure).

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