6 Reasons Why Gurgaon Tops in Office Space Leasing

Office Space Leasing

As a recent trend, the city of Gurgaon has been the hot pick for companies to lease their office spaces. Gurgaon has beaten the top cities of the country which were regarded as the best choices for office space leasing even till the last decade or so. Such drastic shift of paradigm in favor of Gurgaon has been the topic of discussion for many. People have been wondering what has caused Gurgaon to topple some of the biggest names in office space leasing like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata or even the adjacent city and capital of India, New Delhi. Here are the top reasons that have made Gurgaon the favorite place for companies for the setup of their offices.


  • Gurgaon is in close proximity to New Delhi


Located at just 28 km away from the capital city of New Delhi, Gurgaon is easily accessible to the rest of the world. Being located at such a short distance has served as a boon to this relatively new city of North India. Being just in the suburbs of New Delhi, Gurgaon enjoys all the facilities of the metropolitan, but at the same time does not have to face all the protocols that has to be tackled by the shared office space Delhi based companies.


  • Office spaces are cheaper than in Delhi


The non-agricultural land of Gurgaon was easily converted to commercial land where buildings were erected without much opposition from the local people. Thanks to the unavailability of an urban government initially, the transaction costs for building office space in Gurgaon was not very high. This has enabled the building owners to lease out space at a cheaper rate as compared to the lease rates that are charged in New Delhi. It is for this reason that the companies find Gurgaon to be economically more viable than New Delhi or any other metropolitan city of India.


  • Easy connectivity


The city of Gurgaon is very well connected with New Delhi by means of excellent roads and metro rails. The easy connectivity allows residents of Delhi to commute to work daily without spending enough time on the daily journey. While the roads get congested at times, but it is still a better option for the working people to commute daily as that would save them from a lot of cost.


  • Gurgaon was setup from the scratch


Being setup from scratch allowed Gurgaon to have business-friendly policies which is another reason why it welcomes more companies than other cities of India. Every company wants to run business in the most hassle-free manner and for that it is important to have business-friendly laws of the land. This is offered by Gurgaon at large.


  • Gurgaon has the magnetic effect


Now that Gurgaon has been able to establish itself as one of the most common choices for office space leasing, more and more companies are taking office space in Gurgaon. As more companies are opening up their offices, Gurgaon is attracting a huge labor pool. This labor pool, in turn is attracting new companies to open up the offices in Gurgaon as getting skilled and unskilled labor is also becoming fairly easier for the companies, thanks to the availability of the huge labor pool that Gurgaon has to offer.


  • The growing culture of shared office space


Gurgaon is one of the pioneer cities of India that came up with the concept of shared office spaces. This has added an additional feather in the cap if Gurgaon as this as attracted many small and medium businesses to shift from Delhi to Gurgaon as that is a more economical choice for them.

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