6 Tips For Road Trips With An Infant

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Taking a road trip with an infant can be stressful at best. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Of course, you’re going to want to take the new baby to visit the grandparents. There are also great vacations to be had even if you have an infant. Many of these destinations even offer childcare services.

It’s surprising how you can keep an infant calm on a road trip. Even if you’re on the road for five hours a day or even for five days straight. These tips from a Houston DWI lawyer can help you to ensure a smooth vacation with a baby on board.


Tag Team

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When one adult is driving, the other one can sit in the back with the infant and be at the ready to address any issues such as holding the bottle, picking up a toy or a good old-fashioned game of mimicry or something. This can help to alleviate any meltdowns.

If the babe is asleep, the adult in the back seat can snooze as well. This way, there will always be a driver that is refreshed and ready to drive when needed.


Manage Your Expectations

Driving with an infant may require a few extra stops. There will be diaper changes and other issues that may require pulling over. Never attempt to remove the infant from the car seat if the vehicle is moving. This has resulted in more than one serious injury or fatality. If there is an issue, keep a sense of humor and pull over.

It can be very stressful if the babe is screaming. Perhaps a break is required for everyone. Sometimes just 15 minutes out of the seat can offer up a benefit for everyone. Consider some fun road trip games for baby. Use picture cards and other favorite toys. Don’t forget to pack for any potential “Baby diaper blow-out” these can be disastrous! Have extra everything on hand. Extra car seat covers, diapers, wipes, and a bag to put the results in. You’ll be glad you had extras as these can turn a fun day into a disaster if you’re not prepared.


Consider Driving At Night

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While it may be more challenging to the parents, driving at night may be a great way to go about it. Baby will likely sleep most of the time and parents can again tag team and take turns resting. Baby will require fewer changes and fewer bottles during the night time.

Coincide the trip with bedtime and chances are the baby will sleep for the entire trip. Prepare baby for bed as normal, but put the baby in the car seat and into the car in lieu of into his or her bed. As long as you can switch drivers and plan ahead for some rest for the adults this works very well.


Take Frequent Breaks

If driving at night you may be able to drive for six hours without requiring a break. However, during the daytime, you’ll need to plan stops every one to three hours. Be sure to take the time to stretch your legs and eat as well as change baby during breaks. Have extra fresh clothes on hand for spit-ups and sweaty clothes as required. Just feeling fresh and smelling good may help baby to stay more relaxed.

Plan stops ahead of time and has a “to-go” bag at the ready for those stops. The bag should include fresh clothing for baby and adults as well as clean blankets, diapers, and anything else that may be required on a moments notice. This bag should be kept where it can easily be grabbed to ease the time it takes to get out of the car on breaks.


Consider The Route

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If you’re in a hurry due to baby being along, you may wish to skip the scenic route, or you may wish to take the scenic route and use it to your advantage if baby is needing to stop frequently to nurse, the scenic route may be an option that allows for frequent scenic stops so that baby can eat.

Consider plotting out stops in advance for restrooms and food or even hotels if necessary. The better the route is planned out the easier it’s going to be to take the trip. Even if you don’t stop at all of the pit stops that you list you’ll have them if you need them.


Stock Up

Stock up on supplies. Have a “to-go” bag at the ready for those little items required on stops such as clothing changes and diapers. Have a snacks bag for parents and baby as well. Keep these separate from luggage and other items that are taken on the trip. This way, you can grab them easily when on the road.

The snack bag can be grabbed and utilized when the car is in motion so consider that when you’re packing for your trip. That way, you can reach what you need without having to unbuckle your seatbelt.

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