6 Trending colours from Dekton in 2017

dekton colours

A house is a place where you spend most of the life. More recently, technological advances have ensured that some houses include office spaces in which homeowners carry out their daily work.

There are several inspiring ways to decorate them which become a hard decision. The most important thing is to find a design that will inspire you and bring out a special feeling of cosiness when thinking about your home-sweet-home. However, achieving the perfect design for your home and/or office space does not depend solely on the type of materials you choose but also, the colours and patterns that create a balance.

Combining beauty with usability can be challenging at times and finding a surface that works indoors as well as outdoors is the key to achieving all of these features together. An exception to this rule is Dekton, which is becoming increasingly popular and beneficial when compared to other type of surfaces such as natural stones or man-made quartz.

Dekton is an evolution of the systematization of raw materials used to manufacture glass, porcelain and quartz. The offering in terms of colours, patterns, textures and finishes are unique and revolutionary.  Dekton has come up with some incredible new materials over the last couple of years that have revolutionized the Design and Architectural worlds due to their exclusive and innovative looks and performance which we would like to share with our readers.

Here are six inspiring colours from Dekton you may consider in 2017:

#1. Dekton Aura

Dekton Aura is sheer beauty in veins that draws art all over each slab. Its softness transforms all designs with sophistication and fragility. It’s a reincarnated picture, inspired by the famous Italian marbles Calacatta and Carrara. Its white background makes any area in which it is displayed look more spacious and shiny whilst providing a sumptuous finish to both modern and traditional spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and floorings.

Dekton Kitchen - Aura 15

#2. Dekton Trillium

The perfect compositional blend of volcanic shades of grey, brown and deep black created this magnificent ageless hue. It incorporates classic features with a somewhat metallic effect which makes this a suitable surface for both dark and light ambiances. Whether your style is more traditional or modern, Dekton Trillium contrasts and makes the whole difference to designs that seek different and innovative solutions.

Dekton Trillium

#3. Dekton Kairos

Dekton Kairos is a material attracts the light with a very clean look combining all other objects and furniture with tremendous tones in white and pale cold grey. It brings feelings of freshness and luminosity with a delicate touch. Distinctiveness and elegance are what describes this precious creation which is adaptable to all designs and architecture ideas for areas such as kitchens, patios and terraces, playrooms and walls.

Dekton Kairos

#4. Dekton Kelya

Comfort is priority when it comes to home and choosing the right colour in order to achieve it is the key, because comfort is not only visual but tactile and the finish is very important at the time of choosing surfaces. Dekton Kelya is a natural beauty. It is pleasing to the eyes and also ideal for all types of lifestyle, whether you are have a busy urban routine or are stay at home parent looking after the children. The rich dark shades present in this material compose its delightful extra texture.

Dekton Kelya

#5. Dekton Tundra

Dekton XGloss Tundra conveys refined properties with a genuine look. It brings to life any dream design. It goes perfectly well in kitchen and combines perfectly with stainless appliances and wooden furniture. Its light veins mapping in a white background around the space creates a unique and focal feature. Tundra from the Dekton collection, offers brilliant natural aesthetics and the most suitable option for those who admire natural stones such as marble.

Dekton XGloss Tundra Kitchen

#6. Dekton Zenith

When it comes to choosing a product for surfaces, it is worrisome that colour may be affected under cleaning chemicals usage and/or direct exposure to UV rays. Dekton materials are the most recommended surfaces for internal and external applications including kitchens, bathrooms, patios, balconies, terraces and even barbeque worktops. Dekton’s hues never decay and/or discolour. All the elements of Dekton Zenith in white prevail with absoluteness in the new era of home décor without having to worry its surfaces will change colour with the passage of time.

Dekton Zenith

The above are just 6 colours of this new collection of innovative products with exclusive colours, patterns and finishes that will surely bring timeless looks and high performing surfaces to any home, office and/or garden.

As with any new surface, it is important to find a professional that is experienced in working with new materials. Not all traditional stonemasons are able to take on any type of assignment with non-traditional surfaces such as marble and granite and it is recommended to carry out research prior to commissioning a Dekton installation to any trade professional and/or stone Company.

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