6 Ways to Style a Guest Bedroom that’ll make Guests feel Special

Giving your guests to get a good night’s sleep away from their own home isn’t impossible. You only need to go the extra mile and create some efforts to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your house. Remember, you don’t need to have luxurious items within the room, or an exquisite interiors to make them feel at home and special. All you need to be creativity, warmth and hospitability.How to achieve this? Here are a few tips you might find helpful in decorating your guest room.

Add a dazzling Accents to your Wood Panels

Wainscoting panels design brings about a sense of elegance and style into the walls. Now if you want to add more glamour to the wood panels or the entire room, a little dash or a line of gold can do the trick. You can place the gold accent on the wainscoting itself, or you may opt to having anything golden like frames, curtains with gold trimmings, throw pillows with gold tassels, or may be a bed frame with golden headboard.

You can also make use of night lamps with golden base, or maybe golden sconces, or floor lamps.

Introduce a Rustic Charm

Is your summerhouse situated by the Lake? Well that’s perfect for a guest or two who loves camping and who loves to experience spending a night in a log cabin. Bring in to the room some logs and wood and fix them as though the room is a log cabin. Match the logs with a bed and settee made of bamboo. Furnish with beddings that have rustic theme and earthen colors.

Make a Room that’s Cool, Calm and Stylish

Aguest room’s general atmosphere should be cool and relaxing. It should be a place where your friends or your guests should feel comfy and relaxed the moment they dropped their luggage down the floor. To achieve this condition, choose neutral colors for the room’s overall color scheme and toss in some bold accessories. It will create a calm, clean and chic ambience.

Moreover, the guest room is not only comfortable enough for your guests but is also stylish.An all neutral and pastel look will also help in creating a soothing and relaxing ambience for the room.

Be adventurous enough to play with a Pop of Color

If you love bolder and brighter colors, then this is probably the perfect time to unleash those vibrant ideas thru your guest room’s interior. You can mix and match, or even mismatch the brightly-colored pieces with your neutrals. Or you can play with vibrant and pastels matched with earth colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, and don’t be afraid to explore your own style.

Squeeze in A Multi-functional Room

Well not all of us can afford to have a separate space dedicated as a guest room, nor can we afford to have a separate space for a home office. Deal with this fact by converting a portion of the living room as a home office and place a day bed on the side. Simply add on some comfy beddings to make it a cozy bed at night.

If you have that extra room and would like to make it multi-functional, you may used that room as a home office if there are no guests.

Offer a Kid-friendly Guest Room

Sometime we have guests that bring their kids along, so it is safe to say that we better be prepared for it.. Our guest room must easily be converted into a family guest room if needed. We should make some extra efforts to provide an extra bed or two for the kids.

No matter how large, how comfortable and stylish the room we provide for our guests, what would count the most is how we treat them in our homes. So a little warm hospitality we extend to them would definitely tickle their hearts and make them feel extra special.

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