6 Winning Advertising Strategies


It is essential that your marketing strategy is always fresh and up to date with current marketing trends, so you always need to find innovative techniques to implement. Being creative is especially important for smaller businesses that don’t have big budgets and are yet to establish a name in the field. Many businesses have become immune to some of the traditional forms of advertising, so you need to find new approaches and try out how they pan out. Make sure to combine your online and offline marketing efforts. Here are 6 advertising strategies that you should put to the test.


Modern guerrilla marketing

The term guerrilla marketing dates back to 1980s and the man called Jay Conrad Levinson. It is a marketing strategy that is still as equally relevant, and consists of doing something unexpected that is bound to challenge your audience’s views on what marketing looks like. It is supposed to catch them by surprise, by first seeming to be something else, before they realise that it is actually an advertisement for your business. It can include extreme stunts or simply a flash mob, where a group of “strangers” suddenly starts to perform, conveying your company’s message.

Getting a radio spot

Having a spot on the radio comes with a lot of benefits, the greatest of them being the fact that it enables you to precisely target your audience. The format of the radio station caters to a particular lifestyle and age group, so all you need to do is choose the station that is suitable for your business. You can base your choice on a station that fits the specific geographical area that you want to focus on. Of course, it is essential that all your efforts work towards keeping the target demographic in mind, so that you make sure you’re not wasting away your resources for nothing.

Sharing freebies

Sharing free stuff is always a good strategy. Pens and key chains that have your business’ logo on them do more than just entice other people to look up your company, they also create brand ambassadors out of your audience. Of course, the same as with every form of deliverable marketing, you need to make sure that the freebies are appropriate for your customers. So focus on particular designs for your t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets and other gadgets that you want to share. The more attractive the design, the greater appeal to the audience.

Street art

Street art used to be considered a practice of graffiti artists working their magic outside the law, but has since become quite a trend. It has turned street artists such as Banksy, MOMO, and Shepard Fairey into celebrities of the art scene, and therefore it is no surprise that this art form has also taken its place in the world of advertising. An amazing piece of street art that conveys your brand’s message is an extremely useful way to market yourself to the appropriate audience. While very elaborate piece of street art may not be as affordable to smaller businesses, a mural painting placed on a wall can do the trick.

Posters and banners

Large posters and banners are another great visual form of offline marketing. It can also be a rather cost-effective solution. According to banner printing professionals from Sydney, placing posters and banners that present your brand and products, at appropriate locations in your local area, is a great way to attract the attention of passers-by, and entice them to become your customers. The important thing about these visual assets is that they prominently include your website address and contact details, and that your promotional products are placed upfront so that they attract attention.

Cold calling

Contrary to what you may believe, cold calling hasn’t become an outdated form of marketing. If it’s done properly, it can help you connect with your potential customers and get them interested better than a lot of contemporary marketing methods. A cold call is the first step in a sales process that is called telemarketing. To get the best out of your cold calling strategy, you need to make sure that you outline the most important issues and then elaborate on how your products and services can deal with those issues. When it comes to cold calling, it is a good idea to invest into a professional telemarketing service that can offer you call tracking and analytics. This will enable you to be aware of how your cold calling efforts are panning out.

In summation

Your marketing strategy needs to be innovative in order to reach all possible audiences out there and truly keep them interested in what you have to offer. Try out these 6 winning advertising strategies to present your company and brand, and watch your name rise amongst the competition.

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