7 Most Important Questions You May Seek Answers When Buying E-Bikes

electric bike

Electric Bikes have emerged as a great option if you have a long way to cycle. They come equipped with an electric motor which helps you out when you paddle. These bikes are also convenient if you have got a heavy load. Motor does all the hard work for you to carry heavy loads or keep a good speed climbing up the hills.

1. What exactly is an e-bike?

An e-Bike is a regular bike, having an electric motor, battery, and some high-tech gadgetry on the handlebars. As soon as you start paddling, the motor starts automatically. However, some models come with an option to let you choose when the motor kicks in. You can alter how much help you get. Unlike a traditional bicycle, riding an electric bike is easier and more convenient. It enables you to travel larger distance without being exhausted.

2. How long can I travel with an e-bike?

Depending on the type of bike, you can travel anywhere between 25 to 120 miles. If you have an entry-level electric bike, you can travel anywhere between 30 and 35 miles maximum. However, a premium e-bike can go up to 100 to 120 miles of assisted pedaling. If you want to use a greater level of motor, the battery can drain faster, and the range can be shorter.

3. How do the bikes generate power?

As mentioned above, every e-bike has a motor and battery. The battery gives power to the motor. Most Halfords electric bikes have batteries made of lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride. These batteries are similar to the battery we use in a laptop. They are lightweight powerful and long-lasting.

4. Are electric bikes legal?

Yes, they are legal at every place. However, the legal formalities are different in different states. For example, the US Electric Bike Act, e-bikes are treated as common bikes. So, depending on the states, you may need to have a registration and insurance. You can ride the bike anywhere on public streets or roads. However, these bikes are prohibited from the use on bike trails.

5. Can I keep pedaling when the batteries die?

Yes, this what makes the e-bike different from the traditional cycle and people choose it over electric scooters or motorcycles. Don’t worry if the battery runs away in the middle of your destination and there is not option to recharge it. In that case, you can use the paddle and reach your destination.  Since the bike has an electric gear, it does not make the bike much heavier than a conventional bike.

6. Is any special maintenance required?

No. It requires minor maintenance – not as much as required by a petrol-ridden bike or scooter.  The maintenance of an e-bike is not much different to the maintenance of a common bicycle. You need to tune up and lubricate machine parts once in a year.  As the e-bike becomes older, you will find that the battery life becomes shorter too. You will need to replace the battery if your –e-bike is 4 to 5 years old. It depends on how often you recharge it.

7. What are the running costs of electric bikes?

The initial costs can differ to a great extent. Prices can range between £599.99 to £799.99. But if you have a Halfords electric bike, you don’t need to spend for fuel. The amount of power the battery consumes for charging on a monthly basis cost no more than ten bucks.

To wind up this edition, e-bikes or electronic bikes are of great benefits. People across the globe are choosing e-bikes over bikes or scooters. They require little maintenance and consumers. Legal costs of owning an e-bike depend on the state you are owning the bike.


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