7 Important Things to Know About Medical Treatment in Dubai, UAE

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors anywhere around the world. Hospitals in Dubai are known for providing world-class and highly-standard health care services. Boasting modern facilities, latest technologies and certified doctors, healthcare centers in the UAE are strategically placed for easy access to anyone in need.

Go ahead to know the things about medical treatment in Dubai.

1. Doctors in Dubai, UAE

Many doctors who practice in Dubai have got training in the USA, India, and Egypt and all over Europe. Due to the strict law in the country, every doctor is thoroughly verified in their qualifications before allowed before beginning their practice in Dubai.

2. Hospitals in Dubai

Hospitals in UAE facilitate the best medicine and care. The combination of a wonderful friendly culture and a place where patients are given proper care under the best medical practitioners make Dubai one of the world’s best places to receive treatment. You can expect to get the best medical care without any hassle and problem. Therefore, the city of the UAE offers peace of mind when one needs a good hospital.

3. Public Healthcare

Dubai is widely known for having the best public health systems around the world. They offer a high standard of medical care in state of the art facilities. The healthcare industry in Dubai is run by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The roles and responsibilities of DHA are to oversee both public and private healthcare sector. The Emirate has built four major hospitals. They are Dubai, Rashid, Latifa, and Hatta.

4. Private Healthcare

There is no doubt that the quality of care in public medical centers and hospitals is good, many expatriates and use private healthcare. There’re hundreds of worldwide popular private hospitals having a wide network of facilities. Apart from hospitals in the UAE, Dubai alone has more than one hundred private hospitals. You can find then in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).  They offer treatment in different medical specialties, including those with severe difficulties or disabilities.

5. Primary care

You will be surprised to know that there is no dedicated general practitioner in the city of Dubai. So, if you need medical care which does not come in emergency category, it will be important for you to visit a family doctor in a private hospital, public hospital or medical Centre. Primary health care center in the city provides general outpatient consultations for both children and adults. They also provide some other basic services such as gynecology, vaccinations, and antenatal clinics. If your child is unwell and he needs immediate medical attention, the primary care providers can examine the child without an appointment.

6. Dental care

No doubt, dental treatment in Dubai is very expensive. It is costly so much so that some patients travel to their hometown for getting the treatment. If you don’t have any option to get the treatment at some other places, it is good to go for dental insurance. However, you can find dentists that are known for providing quality treatments, through personal recommendation or via online portal directories.

7. Medicines

The best part is that apart from best doctors, hospitals in Dubai, UAE, you can also find a number of pharmacies where you can find over the counter and prescription medications. Many prominent and famous pharmacy stores are open 24 hours a day.

But, you should also know that rest of the UAE has very strict laws about pharmaceuticals. They consider certain medications controlled ingredients. You can find a list of medicines that are banned in the UAE on the government’s Ministry of Health.


Health is wealth, and a healthy lifestyle resides at a place where best medical treatment is available. If you are searching for the best hospitals in UAE, search online. You’ll get a list of hospitals and doctors.

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