7 Important Tips to Keep in Mind When at a Hotel

The first step before any travel trip is called the planning stage. There are numerous things that need to be done at this stage. You have to buy cheap airline tickets, find an affordable accommodation for your stay, and arrange for a reliable transport among other things. If all goes well during this stage, you can very well progress to your next stage that is the trip itself with high spirits and enthusiasm. But no matter how well everything is planned, an intelligent traveler always takes certain precautions throughout the trip to ensure nothing goes wrong at any step. In this article, I list 7 things that one should keep in mind at a hotel in particular during a travel trip.

  1. Don’t use anything other than the free items

Once you buy cheap airline tickets, you have pretty much achieved your main goal as a traveler. But there are still many other travel expenses that you must be careful about. Other than obvious free items, don’t use anything else from your hotel room. You certainly don’t want to be shocked with a bill at the end of the trip.

  1. Don’t reveal your room number

Goes without saying that you must keep your room number confidential for your own safety. Met a random stranger at the bar? Great! But no, that does not mean you reveal your room number to them. Unless you know someone really well, it is a bad idea to put yourself at such a risk.

  1. Mini Bars are a rip off

Stay away from the mini bar no matter how tempting it looks. It is an invitation to go broke and one of the many tricks that hotels use to rip off travelers.

  1. Clean the TV remote

Hotel rooms may look clean but some germs remain hidden. Many people agree that a TV remote is one of the most common items carrying germs in a hotel room. Clean it once before you watch a movie.

  1. Don’t get drunk

You definitely don’t want your trip memories marred with one drunken night at the hotel. You must act with dignity throughout your stay. Getting drunk means you can do anything that might end up in an embarrassing situation. You may even end being blacklisted if you do something wrong in your drunken state. Stay sane and stay dignified.

  1. Always ask before opening the door

When you hear a knock, don’t just open the door without verifying who it is. It puts you at unnecessary risk. Usually hotel premises are not overly secure. The chances of something happening are low, but still you need to take precautions.

  1. Keep your important items in a safe

There is always a safe in the room for safekeeping your valuable items as well as important documents like passport and identity card. To avoid unnecessary trouble, make use of this safe. You really don’t want your passport stolen because that sure would be a disaster.

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