7 Reasons for Choosing a Resin Driveway

One of the most popular home improvement projects in the UK involves replacing or creating driveways and pathways, but very few people have enough knowledge about the available options. Whether you want to walk on it, park on it, or make a feature of it, it’s part of your home and adds to the visual appeal.

Naturally, your car’s wheels are often going to move back and forth on that driveway. Thus, it needs to be sufficiently resilient and should not get easily wear away under the pressure of those tyres.

Let’s get into the details as to why you should choose resin driveway in the UK.


Resin bound paving is cold mixed on the site using a process which ensures that every particle of stone is completely covered in resin; forming a structurally stable 3D matrix. During the process of laying minute voids are created this allows water to drain through. This enables rainwater to permeate through the surface leveling the groundwater, and this helps in regulating the effects of heave and shrinkage. Also, this reduces surface water, standing water run-off, and flash flooding.

During heavy rainfalls, having impermeable surfaces generates large amounts of surface water run-off which causes flash flooding.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only resin bound driveways are decorative; they’re sustainable, practical and versatile. Resin bound paving comes in such a wide variety of colors and textures which makes it suitable for every kind of project; new build or refurbishment and every style of property. While other paving options have less design flexibility.

Easy to Install

A gravel or concrete road can take days for installation. A resin driveway, on the contrary, takes only a few hours. An efficient and experienced crew of about 4-5 workers can easily install a 250 sq. meter driveway within a day.

Weather Resistant

Resin bound driveways don’t get soft in summer, or freeze in winter or fade in sunlight. Alternatives, such as asphalt, on the other hand, tend to get soft in the heat which could result in marks on the surface, freezes in cold weather and its color gets deteriorated in the UV exposure.

Long Lasting

Resin driveway is a strong and durable surface. Though the contractor’s guarantees between 10 to 18 years, but a premier product if installed correctly and maintained properly, it can last for up to 25 years.

Environmentally Friendly

As surface or rainwater seeps through permeable paving, it acts as a natural filter by removing or reducing pollutants and impurities caused by oils and metals. While on an impermeable surface, when rainwater runs off it picks up pollutants as it flows into drains, rivers, lakes, and oceans; this leads to biodiversity as well as health issues. Heat islands are mainly found in cities making them warmer than rural areas; this is because the densely populated situation creates energy and pollution which is absorbed and stored by hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. This also harms air and water quality. Thus, the voids in permeable resin bound paving allow the soil to breathe which reduces the temperature of the surface and counteracts the ‘heat island’ effect.


Resin driveways are amongst the most affordable driveway options in the UK. And because of its durability, both initial and long-term costs are extremely low. Also, it requires very little maintenance, which further adds to your savings.

Hence, getting resin driveways in the UK is the easiest and cheapest way of upgrading the look of your house and getting a top-notch durable driveway surface.

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