7 Tips to Hire a Dissertation Tutor Online

Dissertation Tutor Online

At Masters or PhD level, you are expected to be prepared to do things that you have never done before. You are expected to know all about quality research and follow a rigorous and ethical way to complete it on time. You are continuously measured and monitored, and if you fail to deliver as per your peers’ and teachers’ expectations, you get marginalized or ridiculed for it.

When you choose someone (other than your professor or PhD supervisor) to oversee your doctoral thesis or your dissertation paper, it is because you want someone to assist you in writing the paper without embarrassing you. You are looking for someone who is the master of the subject, knows how to write dissertations, and are warm and kind and respectful to you.

Here are some of the things you should look for in a dissertation tutor providing dissertation help online:

1. Impeccable English Language Skills

Many students prefer native English speakers as their online dissertation tutor – for they do not want to compromise on the quality of their dissertation. However, academic writing is quite typical, and it is not necessary that all native English speakers know how to write a proper dissertation. Or you may find a subject expert from abroad who has a good grasp of the subject but is not a native English speaker.

In such cases, you may ask your dissertation tutor to share their IELTS Academic (or TOEFL) scores with you. If they have performed well in any of these tests, there will most likely be able to communicate with you easily and also write an excellent paper for you.

2. PhD holder

A dissertation tutor must hold a doctoral-level degree and have the first-hand experience of writing dissertations. You may ask about academic qualifications and how many years of experience he has as a dissertation writer. The portal might also offer to share the academic and career records of dissertation writers they have on their panel – and allow you to cross-check or verify them, as desired.

3. Warm and Friendly

An online tutor can only teach you efficiently if he establishes a good rapport with you. The ethnic origin of the tutor, his or her mother tongue, where he or she comes from – are some of the questions that may matter to you when you interact with each other.

As the dissertation tutor guides through each step of your research and writing process, you will like to talk to someone with whom you share a level of comfort and warmth. Patience and affability are two things that you would want in your dissertation tutor.

Some of the traits that indicate that a tutor is highly agreeable are trustworthiness, altruism, modest, moralistic, and sympathetic.

4. Knows the System Well

A dissertation writer you work with should be sure about the process he or she will follow. Discuss the medium of education you will use, the software and hardware you need to have, steps through which he or she will guide you, and the scope of assistance the tutor will offer you.

Will the tutor write the dissertation for you or offer you the guidance and resources to help you complete it yourself? Does the online dissertation services provider offer you editing and proofreading services, plagiarism checking services, dissertation reviewing services etc.?

It is a good idea to ask questions about the entire process before you pay the fees – and know what to expect from your tutor.

5. Ready for Revisions and Refund

Though you hire a dissertation tutor only if you trust him, it is still imperative that you dig the site for its revision and refund policies. If you do not like the paper presented to you, how much do they charge for revising the document? What if you do not like the paper at all or they deliver it later than the promised deadline – will they refund the money to you? Will it be a 100% refund for you or partial refund only?

Most of the excellent-grade dissertation writing services offer you unlimited revisions for free – and give you a full refund if they are not able to deliver the research paper by the promised deadline. So, if someone is asking you money for it, you may want to reconsider your decision.

6. Easily Accessible

When you are in school, it is easier for you to follow a schedule. In college, it becomes difficult, especially at the senior levels. A dissertation tutor who is only available for a fixed time or refuses to interact with you at any time when you are free may become a problem for you.

You’ll need someone who is open to24X7 communication, ready to share early drafts with you, willing to explain any doubts or queries you may have, and takes your suggestions and feedback seriously. Even if you hire a writer, it is still your dissertation. You should be a part of the writing process (in whatever capacity you can manage), and it should be able to advance your existing knowledge and skills.

A good dissertation tutor will never try to keep things from you. He or she will be open to guide you as per your preferences.

7. Wise about Money

As a college student, you might not be able to afford a hefty dissertation writing fees. Still, the tutor will want a fair share of earning for what he or she does for you. Hence, you should go to different dissertation writing service providers online and check their charges. Ask them for any hidden costs they may have.

The fees people ask for varies highly. A little research can help you get some good deals and great discounts. Paying too much is stupid but if you are paying too low, check the reviews of the site and the writer first.

Client testimonials and sample dissertations are other great ways to check whether you should hire the writer or not.

Do not rely solely on the promises of a potential tutor. Ask for references. You may want to talk to some of the past clients too and ask for their feedback on the dissertation they received.

These tips should help you get a dissertation tutor who can honestly guide you in a way that can improve your academic grades and help you pick up the necessary skills to write your dissertations in the future.

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