7 Ultimate Branding Tips For Your Social Media Presence

7 Ultimate Branding Tips For Your Social Media Presence

An impactful social media presence is regarded as the mainstay of marketing today. The ever-growing popularity of social platforms is the main reason behind this. A branded social media presence does not only fetch you a good number of prospective buyers but also propels long-term growth. Therefore, social network creation alone is not the answer to your quest; you need to brand the network to ensure that the users identify it by name. A consistent posting schedule will definitely keep you visible but you will have to create a strategy to grow as a brand across the entire channels.

Here are some tips that can help you give your network a branding advantage:

1. Have consistent brand guidelines and share them
When you invest in Social Network Services, ensure that your business network is consistent with your brand. These relate to the fonts, colors, logo, and other elements that are unique to the brand. Share them with the development team so that they can adhere to them while creating the network.

2. Create an effective social sharing strategy
Creating a result-driven social sharing strategy is the very next step after the networking site is launched. Have a posting schedule and deliver engaging and valuable content in every single post. The posts should be consistent to such an extent that the site is recognized on all channels.

3. Share content that works for everyone
The hard work just begins when you create social networking site. After all the efforts that are put into designing the site, you have to churn up content that works for every single member in the audience community. Keeping your posts acceptable, accessible, and engaging is the mantra.

4. Invest in video content
Between text and visual, the latter always wins the race as a majority of users are likely to watch a video rather than go through a piece of textual content. A visual brand is always a winning brand and this idea can give your social presence a winning edge.

5. Stay with the right platforms
Another key element of a robust social branding strategy is choosing the right platforms and sticking to them. Look for the platforms that are most likely to attract your customers. A strong presence over a chosen few is better than a weak one over all of the channels.

6. Keep away from marketing gimmicks
Gimmicky content might get you a lot of attention but it is most likely to be short-lived. The best approach is to steer clear of marketing gimmicks as they can send across a wrong message about your business and even ruin your reputation in the long run.

7. Narrate real stories
Branding is all about storytelling, whether it is about the products you are selling or your presence on the social channels. The focus, therefore, should be on narrating real stories that are aligned with your brand’s mission and vision.

The challenge of growing your social network is as daunting as that of building one. The choice of the right development software such as SocialEngine and Elgg is the first step. The powerful Social Engine addons enable you to create networks with the right look and feel to attract huge communities of users. Similarly, you can opt for ELGG Developers to create a social network that drives the growth of your business. Once you have an impressive social presence, follow the above-mentioned branding guidelines to strengthen it as a brand.

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