7 VPS Hosting Trends that Changed the World

Web hosting trends ebb and flow so it’s always good to look back at those which really made an impact. Now that we’re half past 2016, some of the most radical trends are here and likely to rule next year as well. Web hosting today is utterly important to operate a website or business just as a great plumbing system is for a home. If you have or haven’t heard of these trends, here’s a glimpse of how they’re transforming the industry so let’s dig in.

#1. Hybrid clouds is the norm

In 2015 it was big and this year it’s huge! The ongoing tussle between public and private cloud will finally abated as hybrid cloud  computing seems to become a mainstay for many corporations and it’s still growing. For those unaware of the concept, hybrid cloud is an infrastructure of integrated links among the public clouds with on-premise infrastructure.

Although both types of clouds are bound together, their entity remains unique through which one can benefit of multiple deployment models at once. Looking at the usage statistics, hybrid cloud is all set to become a core business platform for majority of cloud hosting needs.

#2. Cloud-native apps on the rise

The applications installed in cloud-enabled virtual machines are referred to as cloud-native apps. Their infrastructure is elastic which means they can scale up and down easily as well as swiftly. Deploying these applications provides greater agility to an organisation in a marketplace. That’s not all, cloud-native apps are autonomous which means they can detect and take necessary steps to mitigate certain flaws. Lest one or more nodes are lost, new ones can spring quickly. This is another reason cloud-native apps are expected to rise exponentially by end of this year and in 2017 as well.

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#3. A second chance for PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a computing platform through which users can develop and manage web applications exploiting the many tools that come along. As PaaS is delivered through the internet, technical personnel can easily work without even managing the basic infrastructure. So far, PaaS adoption is slow but the on-premise option may revive its popularity.

#4. Services brokerage

Cloud Service Brokerages (CSB) are sort of intermediaries who function between enterprises and cloud providers offering integration services and consultancy. It helps to foster a healthy relationship between the customers and CSBs to keep the usual operations smooth and long-lasting. A research report by Gartner concluded that market demand for CSBs is expected to grow to $2.03 billion approximately by 2018!

#5. Niche hosting

The era of general hosting is over as business-specific hosting is now a budding trend. Most people are accustomed to those service providers who follow the typical approach of one-size-fits-all for every business which no longer works. Some users however appreciate the traditional method whereas others prefer specialised experience. You’ll simply fall in love with options such as VPS hosting, which allow specialising in elements that matter most.

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Choosing a hosting provider also makes a difference so make sure you go for one having expertise in a particular niche rather than an all-rounder. While the latter can save sufficient cost, time and effort; it won’t be the ultimate solution to all the hosting needs. Carefully understand your business stance for today and tomorrow before deployment of a hosting platform so that you can choose per the unique needs.

#6. Affordability matters

It’s hard to digest affordability being a trend but it surely is a new norm which allow web hosting providers to offer their services at a budget-friendly cost. Low-cost web hosting is a huge trend featuring competitive price across the board so you no longer need to compare cost from one another but rather approach likely service providers within easy reach.

#7. Infinite possibilities

Unlimited space and storage are now a major trend when purchasing a competitive web hosting service. It means saying goodbye to that limited and expensive email capacity, meagre disk space and less data transfer. You can be proud of your web hosting that’s truly able to meet your needs instead of the usual comparison.


So far 2016 brought some of the most exciting trends which are surely going to stay even in 2017 unless something far more radical and spontaneous springs!

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