7 Ways That Technology Has Changed Home Security


Technology where have changed our ways of interactivity it also has radically changed the way of Home Security. What was previously only possible in movies has gained the form of reality now. Xfinity home security provides up to the mark protection to your houses and makes it secure enough to call it home.

The digital revolution also took over the home security systems. Several technologies have made the security breaching a challenge for all the thugs out there. Well, we are going to discuss 7 ways that technology has completely changed the home security systems:

1) Remote Monitoring

Let me share how remote monitoring solved a problem for me. Now, I wanted to start a business of my own but I didn’t want to quit the job. Because the business thing was a total risk and I wanted to keep my job too along business. So that I know if my business goes sideways I still have a job at hand. I discussed this problem with a tech freak friend and he suggested me of remote monitoring security system.

Now I can monitor my business place remotely from my mobile phone and laptop and I am there even when I am not… Cool right? And it doesn’t have any geographical restriction I can monitor it from anywhere in the world, all I need is an internet connection.

2) Smart door locks

Don’t like keys? Grew fed up of losing it? Then you need to get the smart door lock that could detect your presence by using the Bluetooth of your smartphone or keyfob so that you don’t have to unlock the door. It unlocks itself for you… Amazing right?

These smart doors can also connect themselves with the home automation systems. Which let know the home automation system if you’re home or away so that it can accordingly manage the thermostat temperature and energy saving system.

3) Home Sensors

There are several premium home security kits available in the market that could sense your presence and open or close the door accordingly. But home sensors can do even better. For the next level security, many high-security places contain home sensors installed indoors, window and also use motion detectors, weight, waves etc. to detect your identity.

This home sensor security system provides amazing security which is not that easy to be cheated upon. It can easily be controlled by smartphones and tablets etc.

If an unusual activity occurs the home security system will instantly inform you through text, or email. When a triggering event occurs the security system alerts the alarm to provide a warning to the intruders.

4) Smart Garage Systems

Controlling is a lot easier with smart garage systems. A smart garage system allows you to monitor the entering and exiting of the vehicles from your garage.  Smart garage systems work by plugging a network adapter into your home router to gain the authority and control over your garage operations.

Now you don’t need to especially get out of the car to open the garage or hide the key under some pot in the garden. The system will keep you posted about the vehicles in and out of the garage. How long the garage gate remained open. Smart garage systems also come with motion sensors.

5) Retina and Fingerprint scanners

Retina and fingerprint scanners have become a norm now. Fingerprint scanners are not only being used for security purposes but also has been used in many employee or student management systems to automatically monitor the presence of them. Whereas the retina scanners, right now are mostly being used over highly secured places.

Fingerprint door locks are also being immensely used, as it provides more protection than the traditional locks. And is a better alternative to the aforementioned WIfi and Bluetooth door locks.

6) Smart Cameras

Even if you don’t have home security systems, these smart cameras are enough to provide you with the security you require. These cameras are smart because they come with W-Fi connectivity so that you can stream the live feeds of your place. You can also save up the video recording over the cloud and can review them whenever you want.

7) A Whole Package of Home Automation System

A whole package of home automation system allows you to control the locks, thermostat of your Air conditioner and heating system, lights, security cameras, etc. from your phone, laptop or tablet. The best thing is that you can monitor your home even if you’re a thousand miles away.

These home security devices have greatly reduced the percentage of robberies and made our homes all the more secure than they were before. If you don’t have one of these devices installed then get them right away to ensure the safety of your kids at home!

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