8 Email Marketing Hacks You Shouldn’t Ignore for Your Business


The age-old marketing technique is dying inch by inch. Today’s is the age of virtualization. And it isn’t breaking news if I say that we are living parallel lives online. Social media is enhanced the communication flow online like never before. Chatting, messaging, twitting, and many more activities are taking place online these days.

So, there is an end of email? Or its days are numbered?

A big ‘No.’

Emails have still the role to play.  After all it’s a part of virtualization. It’s yet the most reliable and comprehensive way to go to connect with people set at distances apart. In the business world, a professional email is like shaking hands with customers aka clients. When I say ‘professional email’, I mean it should have your brand’s address in it.

In this blog, we are drawing out eight email marketing hacks that can double your response rates.

8. Having a process

Why don’t you have a well-defined process? A profess enables your email marketer to have more time to be creative. That’s because they don’t end up with fixing several unexpected errors. With a process, you can prevent all these little mishaps.

7. Purchase the Best Email Package

Find a company online to purchase a business email package. It’s the best mode to create the best email for businesses. It will let you reap the benefits of advanced email technology as well as give you least latency. You will have the industry’s best uptime, scalability and reliability. A good business email package can allow you to create a simple pay-as-you-grow model.

6. Reviewing your emails

It’s good to review your emails on several platforms and ensure how their message will look on numerous different email clients, in both HTML and text, and on mobile.

5. In-built Virus Protection

Let your customers believe how much care you take care of them. Use an in-built virus protection email. You easily buy such emails in the market. The advanced anti-virus technology secures your inbox as well as assured the recipients that the attached files are virus-free and you are protected from downloading malware and viruses.


4. Resend it if required

Some people are afraid of resending emails. If the receivers don’t open the email you sent two days back, send it once again. Don’t be afraid. It’s good to create a short subject line as it increase open rates.

3. Integrated sales and marketing

You should think of both – sales and marketing. Your aim is to generate leads to hand off to sales and become customers. Stop sending an individual email. Rather, move on to sending to all the messages prospects. You can by choosing bulk option.

2. Mobile phones Integration

Make sure whether the email you are sending to your prospects can be accessed on mobile phone. Keep in mind that a webmail which is built on HTML 5 & Javascript is compatible on all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. So, when you are up for purchasing a business email package, make sure this feature.

Mobile phones Email Integration

1. Manage emails with buyer-facing messaging

Make sure your prospects and customers are getting a reliable experience at every place and across all of your platforms. You should deliver single images to all platforms like tweets, blogs, , posts,  emails, offers, sales calls.

Bottom Line

Your business email plays an important role to reach your potential clients and communicate with them. Don’t think that email marketing has no role in this digital market. It’s digital so, there is more demand for email marketing. To create the best business email, choose but a comprehensive business email for your business.

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