8 Steps to Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks

anxiety reduction

anxiety reduction

The generalized anxiety disorder is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. It is said that depression is the excess of past and anxiety the excess of future. Nowadays the chores and the agendas of all, are full, the time passes faster and faster and we all get anxious to finish some errand or for know. It will give us time to study for the exam.

With all this, it is normal to feel a little nervous, but the problem is when that anxiety grows and becomes a constant state of nerves and fear that end up triggering other problems like panic attacks.


anxiety and panic attacks
anxiety and panic attacks

If you are one of those people who suffer from anxiety let me tell you something. But I need you to believe it, THIS IS CURE! When we lose hope we dive into a hole where it will cost us a lot to get out, however, if we maintain the faith and conviction that one day we will be free our body will have internal healing.

The entrance to hell

Five years ago I was very stressed because the final exams were just a few days away. I had a lot of work to do and a public presentation approached. I had had a lot of stress in recent months due to other situations and when those weeks of pending tasks came to me above. My body collapsed and I suffered the first panic attack.

I can not forget, I was in my classroom. I began to feel a numbness that ran through my face, the whole room began to spin. I had trouble keeping up with how dizzy I was, I started to feel afraid – what was happening to me? My heart started beating so hard that I felt that it was coming out of my chest – am I going to die?

I started to feel like running away – am I going to lose control? – then I had to leave the room and felt I wanted to go home. I called my mother and told her that I felt bad. So, she went to bring me, by the time she arrived, my heart had calmed down. My mind had cleared up and everything had returned to normal. However, I was terrified of what I had just felt.

The previous experience was the beginning of hell, the anxiety continued day after day, the panic attacks came without invitation, at any time and at any time. My concerns were scandalously exaggerated, I was worried when my sister did not arrive home early. When I was caught by the flu, when my nephew fell, when I woke up, when I fell asleep, and worst of all, I started to fear. I stopped being able to be alone in the street because I was afraid to suffer a panic attack. All this became a vicious circle that haunted me and tormented me day after day.

As if all this were not enough, I got up with a feeling of restlessness, sometimes I could not keep an eye on the whole night, I was super irritable, I felt sad and I wanted to cry all the time, I got to the point of wanting to take my life.

Back to life

Surely you are wondering why I was not a psychologist yet? Because I kept hoping to one day heal me. If I had gone to the psychologist I would have prescribed medicine and that would have been the beginning of true slavery. I have met many people who start taking medicine and the problem improves. However, they become dependent on this medication and anxiety often comes back frequently.

I realized that the problem was inside me, I had to sort everything inside myself and begin my inner healing.

1. Meditation

Meditation was a key step to begin to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks. My recommendation is to meditate 15 minutes when getting up. How is it done?Find a quiet and orderly place where you feel peace, put yourself in a comfortable sitting or lying position, place quiet and relaxing instrumental music and begin to inhale and exhale deeply, concentrate on your breathing and imagine how the air enters and leaves your lungs , the idea is that you stop thinking about everything that scares you, in all the worries and problems. If the thoughts come to your head just let them pass and imagine that you are the spectator of your thoughts and that you see them in a projection but that does not stop to round in any. At the beginning, it will be very difficult to concentrate on breathing and stop thinking about everything, but if you are constant, it will become much easier.

2. Feel the fear

When he suffered a panic attack he tried not to feel the fear, he evaded the feelings and he believed that by ignoring them they were going to leave, nevertheless it was a big mistake because the fear instead of going away increased. Then I did the opposite and started to “enjoy the fear”, every time I had a panic attack I told myself ” Go ahead body, release all the fear that you have accumulated, I want to feel how you release, how it goes. When you have a panic attack instead of fearing it, feel it in every part of your body, look for fear in every part of your body and let it go. Keep in mind that a panic attack does not last forever, and that eventually it will be removed.

3. I did not die

If I’m telling my story it’s because I’m alive, a panic attack did not kill me and it’s something you should always remember. No matter how strong you feel your heart beating and that the world is spinning, a panic attack will not kill you. When you realize this, you begin to lose fear of fear and that vicious circle of panic breaks and the panic attacks begin to go away.

4. Exercise

To eliminate anxiety there is nothing better than exercise, when I had too bad days there was nothing to comfort me more than to go swimming or running to the athletics track. Add physical activity to your day-to-day, go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day.

5. Social activities

Submerging yourself in the solitude of your home is not a good idea when you suffer from anxiety. Sometimes I was afraid to go out with my friends or to interact with more people because I was afraid of losing control in a panic attack, but I realized that when I got involved in activities of coexistence, I forgot my problems and anxiety a bit.

6. Self-motivation

Losing motivation is probably the biggest mistake of people with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) . You have to keep hoping that one day you will heal. You must also tell yourself that this process is making you stronger and that in the future it will help you overcome much bigger obstacles.

7. Relieve

I did not seek psychological help because I did not want to be prescribed medication, however I looked for a mature and trustworthy person to listen to me. I told her everything that happened to me, I thought and felt, this was like a therapy for me all the time.

8. Faith

I do not know if you are agnostic, atheist or believer, I respect everything about you, but personally my faith in God was what helped me move forward. I am sure that reconnecting with Him and letting it fill the emptiness I felt was the key to recover my life and eliminate anxiety. I do not seek to make you believe in God, I only tell you my experience and opinion.

Today I can tell you that after 3 years, by following these 8 steps I was healthy from anxiety, free of panic attacks and I lead a full and healthy life, I am an adventurous person who enjoys life to the fullest, I am a person who feels more, love more, river more and live more. Sometimes when the worries of life burden my anxiety returns. However I know how to fight with it, it no longer scares me and I am happy.

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