8 Tips to Make Your Corporate Blog Better


No matter how small or large your business, a blog will always be of help. The blog is a great way to stay connected with your potential audience and keep them entertained or informed with the latest news and views of the industry.  It is of great help in drawing potential prospect towards your platform. The blog will not only help build customer loyalty but also aid in building positive relationships with the customers.

I know for a fact that making a corporate blog an interesting read is a hell of a task. Corporate blogs are different than those of personal blogs. You are directly communicating with your existing customer and allowing them to build a conversation with you. You certainly can’t follow the same strategy that a personal blogger is utilizing. If you’re following advice from the internet on “how to blog” because that information is certainly not applicable to business blogging.

Personal blogs have great leniency over the content they choose to discuss but a corporate blog needs to be more sophisticated and composed. I have been blogging for Cox communications for a long time now. And have gained several sales through my content pieces. A significant amount of increase was seen in the Cox internet plans. So I’m writing this article to share the small tips I implemented on my corporate blog. So let’s dig into it.


1) Sound confident

Sounding confident in your company is quite important. I’ve seen many business people discussing their losses and economic crisis with their potential audience. You won’t want your potential customers to see you as a complete failure. And even you’re making good money, you won’t want to get it published. It will only make you look dumb.


2) Don’t just write for yourself

The most important of all tip is “Just don’t write for yourself”. Bragging or showing your performance isn’t really of interest to users. The only thing that would intrigue the audience to read your blog is the interesting content which adds value to their knowledge. The personal interests should come down at the list. Remember my words, your goal through blogging is to gain more sales and draw new clienteles towards your platform by sharing valuable information not sharing some hot fuzzy news.


3) Don’t be boring

Most of the people have this perception that business blogs are boring and stiff. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your blog interesting and fun by using interesting visuals, info graphs and photos etc. Integrating visual effects with textual content can give a great feel and understanding to the reader. It helps you connect with the customer on a very personal level. But you need to be sensible with the things you share. Maintain a good balance of information, business and fun in the content to keep people interested at all times.


4) Don’t sell the whole farm for free

Blogs are a great way of acquiring knowledge for free. People extract tons of information but don’t just give away your whole farm for free. What we mean from giving your farm away for free is that only provide ample information which is required to show off your credibility and demonstrates your capability well enough to the readers.


5) Be very careful with Controversial Subjects

Controversial subjects may seem like a very good opportunity to get into the spotlight but I’d suggest you play safe with them. And if you address some controversial subject, try to hit it with facts and figures. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgments.


6) Do not get your best piece to publish on your site

If you aren’t getting much attention on your own blog then I’d suggest, do not post your best piece over your own blog. The best you can do is to get that piece of content published over some high DA site. This way you’ll not only get a strong backlink but can extract great traffic juice from that website. Your content will get more eyeballs than it will ever get on your own platform. It will gain your platform the attention it badly needed. Trust me this strategy is awesome. It worked magic for me.


7) Consistency is the key

Consistency is very important for blogging. You just can’t expect your keywords to rank overnight. Many bloggers take their foot off the fuel pedal when they don’t see the desired results coming. But to be honest, blogging is a job of patient people. You need to be very focused, consistent and honest blog posts you’re writing. Deliver quality content with right SEO strategies and nothing can stop you from gaining qualified visitors.


8) Never discuss awkward clients

When you write about customer experience avoid discussing awkward clients. Writing about clients who acted rudely or skipped on payments because you don’t want people to see you as a drama queen. Write with the intent of helping rather than complaining.

I’ve implemented these very small but significantly important tips on my corporate blog and gained great results from them. Test them on your corporate blog for at least six months to see a major difference in your following and conversions.

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