9 Secret Tips for Multiple-Choice Mathematics Tests in AMC Exam

AMC math competition

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMP) is the first step of a series of competitions in secondary school mathematics to get selected the International Mathematical Olympiad. If the time for the AMP exam is near, you should be familiar with some essential tricks for multiple-choice mathematics tests. Read this blog, as it includes some crucial tips for AMC multiple-choice math competition tests.

Set Your Goals

Setting realistic goals is essential. You should not worry about doing it unprofessionally. Keep in mind that those who don’t qualify the AMC do less than half of the questions right. And those who crack the test are above-average in math. So, even if you don’t do many questions right, your performance is credible.

Focus on Easy Questions

Don’t waste time on solving the tough questions. Instead, concentrate on relatively the easy one. By this way, you will have more time work on the remainder.

For example,

If your goal is to score 100 to qualify for the AIME, it’s advisable to focus on the first 20 questions and answer them so that you will do at least 80% right answers.

Estimate the Right Answer

Since AMC includes multiple-choice mathematics tests, you should estimate what the right answer should be before answering your question. This will enable you to remove some answer choices and make the problem easier.

Use Process of Elimination

In case you are not sure about answering your questions, use the process of eliminating the answer choices. When you do this, you will have some answer choices.

Look for a Shortcut

If at first glance, the question appears to be longer, go for the shortcut. One hidden secret is that the answer which seems to be ‘obvious’ is probably wrong. So, be careful while ticking the answer.

Guess and Check

On a multiple-choice test, do remember that the correct answer is right before your eyes. If you’re not able to think about a better way to find out the correct answer or solve the problem, it could be good to go for ‘guess and check.’ For this, try each answer till you find the correct one. There is no penalty for making a guess. Ensure you have attempted every question.

Improve Your Odds

Deciding to guess on a question can help you improve your odds of getting the correct answer. This improves your odds as you eliminate the wrong answer choices first.

Keep Working

Never stop yourself from working the problem till you get an answer. Once you get one of the answers from the choice, do it again to check if it is indeed the correct answer.

Weigh the Questions

Here weight means making sure whether the entire question has the same levels of difficulty. In that case, don’t waste your time in finding the easiest one. You could make a careless and costly mistake.

Follow the tricks above in the examination hall.

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