Accounting And Financial Service Firms Located in Brisbane Australia

The finance industry in Australia is a broad range one which span across several financial management institutions like banks, insurance companies, credit unions, auditing and accounting firms, and many other institutions.

The finance industry is one of the major driving sectors of the Australian economy, and there are several firms that provides financial, consulting and accounting services. One of such firms rendering such services is DKM Group.

DKM Group is a firm that provides accounting and financial services to individuals and SME’s in the eastern parts of Australia. With a vision to establish a dynamic firm which has close relationship with firms, DKM Group provide clients with the highest technical and ethical standard financial and consulting services by investing in highly qualified staffs.

With offices located in New South Wales, South Bank, Queensland and Coffs Harbour and Grafton, DKM Group is recognised as one of the top financial service providers in each of these locations. It is also known to be a leading financial advisor in Brisbane City where it’s fourth office is located.

DKM Group provides the following services:

Business and Taxation Advice – They provide a comprehensive range of auditing, business, accounting and taxation services to clients.

Investment Advice – DKM Group also provide clients with specialist advice on investment strategies, household insurance, capital raising and IPO’s, estate planning, life insurance, risk analysis, retirement and redundancy.

Superannuation – They have dedicated superannuation specialists who provide professional advice on self managed superannuation funds, personal wholesale superannuation funds, corporate superannuation funds, accumulation and retirement income strategies.

Audit and Assurance – DKM Group also offer professional audit and assurance solutions that is cost effective.

Bookkeeping – They provide reliable and efficient bookkeeping services in areas like account preparation, BAS preparation, data entry, reporting, payroll and bank reconciliations.

Whether you need a financial advisor Brisbane, South Bank, New South Wales or Queensland, DKM Group is there to assist and proffer solution to your needs.

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